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123telugu Tamil Team Movies Updates Review

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Are you an entertainment junkie, but don’t have proper time to get up to dated about the industry? Then this article is for you because in this article I would be discussing about one of the famous entertainment website named 123telugu. It is a one-stop destination which would feed all of your needs regarding the Tollywood film industry.

Whether it a new movie or a new song, reviews of various movies, news regarding actors, latest photo gallery, poll on various issues, movie schedules you will get all at single place which is 123telugu.com




So what is 123telugu.com?

It is a one-stop destination for entertainment junkies which would always keep you up to date regarding latest news about various movies, actors and many more. Along with that, you can get various detailed reviews about English movies and other movies, the reviews are in audio format as well as in written format.

Also, you get the latest information about movies, actresses, events, etc. Then there is the interview section where you can find various interviews of movie stars and the video gallery consists of various videos regarding songs, making of the songs and videos related to movie content.

On the homepage of the website, you would find various shortcuts for every feature of the website.

First of all, you get the movie news section where you get various latest feed regarding movies, actors and actresses. It is provided in the form of compact bullet points where you can read in detail about the story by clicking over it.

Next to it, you would find out photos and videos section which provides the latest photos and videos of various stars. On the right corner, you access the website in the Telugu language version which provides all of the content in the Telugu language.

If you would go to the midsection of the home page then you would found the twitter updates from the Telugu stars. 

News tab

Under news tab, you will found out three different options which are

  • Polls

various polls are being held related to various current affairs regarding the film industry. Whether it is related to any new movie or song, or it is related to any news or controversy regarding movie stars.

  • Press notes

There are various press notes available under this section which are related to not only Indian stars and affairs but also covers movie industries from different parts of the world, which makes it very interesting and convenient for the fans to find everything under one tab.

  • Latest movies news

In this tab you would find various updates and news regarding the latest movies and upcoming movies. 

Review tab

Under the review tab, you will find various types of reviews.

  • Audio reviews

In audio review section you would find various types of reviews in the form of audios. The reviews are of different movies, biopics, songs and videos.

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  • English movies review

In this tab there are reviews of different Hollywood movies. The reviews are detailed and covers all of the points.

  • All movie review

In this section, movies are arranged according to numbers and in the alphabetical order, so that you can find the movie about which you want to read a review. 

Under this tab, there are collection of photos of movies stars. The collection consists of photos of various actresses from different occasions.

There is a collection of working stills from various movies, behind the scenes, posters, title posters and many more. Which is a treat for the fans to see the unseen images from their favorite movies.

Moreover, there are also photos related to various events that are exclusive like wedding photos of stars, poster release photos, award function photos, photos from behind the scenes and taken during the shooting. 

Video section

Then there comes the video section which consists of almost every type of video related to the stars. There are latest videos, then are trailers from the latest movies, video songs, videos from the latest events, live videos that cover the various shows, also some videos are available which shows the making of any song or behind the scenes from the movies.

In this section, you can also listen to songs, lyrical video songs, motion posters. You can also watch tv shows which mainly focus on cookery shows. Other than that you can also watch videos which are in Telugu.

In short, you can say that it is a complete package for entertainment. 

Interview tab

This section consists of interviews of your favorite stars through which you can know about the personal and professional lifestyle of your favorite stars. The stories which are hidden and are not known to many people are available here which mainly focuses on the movie stars.

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Along with that, you can also read various articles which are related to the film industry. These cater to the needs of movie enthusiasts which always want to get updated with the various controversies or spicy news related to the film industry. 

Special features

This tab includes some of the special stories related to the movie stars, these stories are those which are out of the league and are perfect when you want to read something which is different from those stories which are available everywhere. 

Movie schedule

Then there comes the movie schedule tab which consists of schedules of different movies according to different time zones including the USA and UK. It is helpful to those who live in different countries and in different time zones and want to know about which of the movie is getting released at what date of the year.

In the last tab, you would find all of the content in the Telugu language for those who don’t want to read in English but only in Telugu language.


In a nutshell, there are various types of entertainment sites that are available over the internet but there are only some of the sites which provide the content in the regional languages and 123telugu is one of those sites which provide same content in both English and Telugu language.

It is One stop destination for those who are entertainment junkies and never want to miss anything from their favorite stars.

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