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It is so hard to find a good website that provides you high-quality movies and web series. At the same time, while staying at home being bored and not able to watch your favorite content, it is quite annoying. Believe me, I can understand!

Afdah is the website which provides you the high-quality movies and series and that too for free of cost. There is no need for registration or doing any sign ups to use the services of the website.

About Afdah

It is basically a web scraper website that crawls through different websites and find the various useful links to download the trending movies and web series. The website does not upload or host any of the copyright content. It is completely free to use the website and the interface of the website is quite easy to use and is optimized. There are various links available for the content available on the website. If one of the links stops working then there are other options available for users to download.

There are different tabs that are specially made for a similar type of content and all of the content is sorted according to the different content from countries and according to different languages.

As I already told you that it is completely free to use the services of the website and there's no need of registering or doing the sign-up process but they also have to earn to keep running the websites and to do this take help of the ads which might annoy you sometimes. The content available on the website is pirated and therefore it might also have copyright issues as well.

Home page

The homepage of the website is very vibrant and it is very easy to find the content of your choice even if you are a new user you can still operate the website very easily.

You can simply search the movies of your choice from the search bar on the top of the page and also you can search the content `by searching the name of actors as well as directors. There is also a huge variety of genres from which you can sort the content according to your mood. The various genre available is Action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, drama, fantasy, family, history, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi, thriller and many more. I guess it is confusing to choose from which genre of movie to watch from as there are a handful of options available over here.

The website not only pays attention to movie lovers but they also have enough options for series lovers as well. On the left side of the page, below the movie options, there is a search bar that is totally dedicated to the tv shows and series only. Although the search option is on its BETA phase but it functions correctly without any major errors and I think within a few updates it will be in its full working capacity.

Coming down to featured tabs

Most recent featured movies

The tab contains the movies which are recently added to the collection. During the early release days of the movie, the movie is available in recorded print, I know it is annoying to watch the movies with the recorded print. Within the coming weeks of the release, the movie is updated with the WebRip version and after that into HD quality. Whenever you open any movie tab then it will provide you a whole lot of information about the movie along with the description of the movie it provides the information regarding the rating, genre, release date of the movie and other details regarding the last update of the movie.

Most recent HD movies

Another featured tab under which you will only find the HD movies which have been recently uploaded on the website. For those who like to watch the content only in High quality, this tab is for you as it contains all of the movies and series in HD quality. It is difficult to differentiate the movies from those which are not in high quality but this tab will sure make it easy for you to find the movies in HD quality.

Recent updated old movies

The website is not only for those who are fans of the latest movies but also for those who love to watch old movies also. For those who have the taste of the classic piece of art from the old generation, this tab is for you guys as they constantly keep updating these columns with the old movies according to the choice and wants of the users. It is a very different way to serve the users as most of the websites don't have a collection of good old movies.

Most recent

This section contains some of the latest movies which have been recently released in cinemas. Although the quality of the movies is not as good as compared to others at this point in the release date but it is beneficial when you do not get tickets to your favorite movies and you can do anything to watch your favorite movie.

Is it safe to use the website?

As already mentioned above, the website provides links to some of the copyright content available over the internet and it is a crime to support or do any kind of piracy and related activities. So if you might get caught while watching the pirated content from unauthorized websites then you might get into some serious trouble.

Secondly, the redirected pages contain malware and viruses that might put your device into a risk and there are also great chances of your devices being infected from viruses and your personal data might also get stolen.

Then what to do? The answer lies within the simple solutions. You must have a good antivirus with an active subscription and this will help your device to keep the data safe from the intruders and all of the viruses and malware from the hackers.

You must also use an AdBlock plugin which will help to block all those annoying ads that pop up between the movie and some also redirect you to another page when you try to close the ads.

You must also use a good VPN software which will help to keep your location safe and will also help to maintain a secure connection while using the public networks.


In a nutshell, afdah is a good website to find the high-quality movies and tv shows. There is no need for registration and sign-ups and it is totally free to use the website. It is very easy to use because of its refined interface and you can easily find whatever you want ranging from the latest to the oldest movies and shows. The fact also must be considered that the links provided over here is of the copyright content and it is unethical and unlawful to do so. That's why the government keeps on shutting down sites like these. As it leads to huge economical losses. It is always advisable to use the legit websites or apps to watch the content in a rightful manner.


This article is for educational purposes only and we do not support and promote any type of piracy or activities that support piracy. It is a punishable offense as the government of India abides us to do this unethical stuff.

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