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In this modern hectic life, nobody has that much time that they can go buy a newspaper. So, here comes the role of the newspaper websites, which provides us the news within a few minutes of that particular event.

There many newspaper websites which provide us fresh news every minute. Unlike traditional newspapers in which news is provided is a day older which is a kind of inconvenient and delayed information.

One of the popular websites is ABN ANDHRA JYOTHI which is regional newspaper website which makes it a better choice among other newspaper because most of the newspaper websites provides us news from all over the world and mostly in the English language. There are very few websites that provide news in regional language and that too of local areas.

About ABN Andhra Jyothi

Andhra Jyothi is a Telegu language newspaper website which provide us fresh news in regional language. This news broadcasting website is the version of its TV channel which was launched on 15 October 2009 and ABN means Amoda Broadcasting Network by Vemuri Radhakrishna. After setting many milestones by their newspaper Andhra Jyothi.

So what makes it different from other news websites?

As it is being published in regional languages Telegu and Tamil, this makes it easy to access by the people who struggle in reading newspapers in English and other languages. Despite being a website on the regional language website it provide us news from over the world. The content they provide is very diverse that it can be accessed by any age group. Along the news from all over the world, they also provide us the news from small cities and villages.

The interface of the website is very user friendly and it allows the user to get information regarding their desired content in a very detailed manner which is based on facts and trusted sources of the news channel. The whole website has a very diverse range of news ranging from sports to economics, the Entertainment industry and many more.

Home page of the website

The home page of the website is well organized, and you will not feel that the content is clashing with another content. The whole content is well segregated according to its similarities. Although there are various ads present on the website but still you will not feel annoyed because of the placement. The whole content is well organized as the news articles and videos are placed side by side. For those who love to read articles can read different news articles according to their choice and those who prefer to have news through the video they also have that option over there.

The articles are arranged into different groups according to the type of news there are various sections which have the news related to Sports, Business, Crime, Health and many more.

Content available on ANDHRA JOTHI:

From the first look of the website, you realize that the site is very neat and organized. There is a different tab for every genre available. Let's analyze the closely.

One the top of the we see different news tabs which are as follows:

AP(Andhra Pradesh)

in this section, we get all news related to the state which belongs to. There is one column of the latest news in which we get all the fresh and the latest news related to the affairs of the Andhra Pradesh state. The news is updated in real-time according to the events respectively. The left side of the page contains various articles related to different affairs of the state. On the right side, we get access to the district news that is in the form of written as well as visual format along with a search box to get news of the desired district areas.


This section is filled with spicy and interesting news which is controversial and is trending. As everyone likes the spicy content.


In the national section, we get news related to our nation. The news like Rajya and Lok sabha updates along with major events occurring in the country, those major topics which are needed to be published are available here.


In this, we get all the information related to the Stock market and price update of gold and oil. Many multinational company's stock prices and their fluctuations are recorded and are presented in the form of news.


it provides culinary information about the different cuisines. On The left side of the page, there are different recipes related to different dishes recipes that are veg, non-veg, sweets, chutneys, starters, soups, bakery items, juices, ice creams, and other dishes. In the center of the page, you will find the newest and tastiest dishes that are very easy to prepare in very less time. On the right side of the page, you will find out a video vault for the recipes in video format as many people prefer In watching video tutorials for recipes rather than reading them. You will also find a search option that will let you search the desired recipes of your choice.


The editorial section provides us all the news related to the publication of the books and articles with additional information about their authors. In the center of the page, you will find out the most searched and popular author’s best and finest work. On the left side of the page, we get all headlines like book reviews and new authors' publications that are latest and their reviews.


Under this tab, you will out the various rumors and different news regarding the entertainment industry of the nation. Whether It is Tollywood or Bollywood you will find all of the latest news regarding the stars and their upcoming movies over here. There are various articles that cover the lifestyle of the famous stars of India. You will also find the various reviews regarding the latest movie and articles from critics.

The avant-garde

This section will provide you the various information regarding the lifestyle ad health. It will help you in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. There are a number of interesting and informational articles that cover various topics like technology, homemaking, and tourism.


The tour page will help you in finding out the perfect holiday destination for you when you will visit the beautiful places next time during your holidays. It provides you knowledge about some of the famous and beautiful destinations, the main attractions and right way to explore those places so that you can have maximum fun during your trip.


This section is related to all of the news related to various crimes that happen in the country. Along with the news related to major cities, they also provide the news from the small cities as well as villages. It is a plus point as most of the news websites do not target the small cities and villages.


If you are interested to check your fortune daily then they also provide the service of daily fortune-telling based on the Horoscope according to the Zodiac signs of yours.

Along with these major tabs they also have some tabs like


The paper consists of daily news in the form of epaper.


This section comprises of the exciting and big news that is trending throughout the whole week.


This paper consist of special Sunday news which is accompanied by some of the extra and spicy news.

Education- this section consists of the information which is very useful for students. Various latest news regarding the education board for students and their latest updates. It also contains some of the articles which are very helpful for students as they help in improving them in their studies.

Literature- for those who have the love for reading, this section is for those. It contains some of the latest books which are arranged according to their genre. Some of the finest writers and their writings are reviewed under this section.

Final words

In a nutshell, the website has a very diverse content which is well organized according to its similarities and according to its genre. Users will not find any difficulty in finding the content. There are also review articles and educational articles on the website which are very useful for the readers. For those who prefer their news in the visual format, they also provide the news in video format. The overall website is well optimized and they also post news related to local cities and villages along with the major news from all over the world and our nation.

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