Anilinkz: Top 10 Alternative Anime Streaming Websites


Watching anime is a part of almost every young person nowadays, from our childhood till now almost every person has watched and some still love to watch anime.

Anime is a word originated from Japan, which means animation and all type of animation media is referred to as Anime in Japan.

Anilinkz is one of the best sites to watch anime online and its popularity has increased since from its beginning and now also most of the anime fans love to watch anime from Anilinkz.

Today in this article I am going to describe Anilinkz and its alternatives, so read this article till the end.


Home page

The home page of the site is very simple and the user interface is also simple and easy to use. As you can see from the image that there are a lot of anime options which are already suggested on the home page which could be an easy choice for new users.

They also provide details like available subtitles and a list of episodes as well as seasons of different shows. On the right corner, they have provided the option of ongoing series which consists of a large variety of ongoing series.


Then there comes the random tab, it is quite an interesting tab that can be used whenever you are confused about which anime to start then this Random tab will suggest you any Random anime series which will help you to choose.

Along with the series, it also tells you about the description and reviews of the series.

Anime list

This tab has a list of all of the anime available over here in alphabetical order. You can also search anime through various other genres like action, adventure, drama, fantasy, game, martial arts, cooking, mystery, police and many more.

Ongoing series

Under this tab, you will find out those series that are ongoing and their episodes release according to different time schedules. For those who watch more than one series simultaneously, this tab is very useful as under this they can watch their favorite episodes without switching to other tabs.

Newly added series

This tab has all of the newly added content which is available on the site. This site has options of subbed as well as dubbed option which would suit according to the needs of the different users.


Under this tab, there is the finest of the anime which are recommended by the site itself and if you guys are new to the anime and haven’t had any experience with watching anime and is confused about which one to start then you can choose from the recommended section of the site.

Anime of the season

These are the anime which are chosen as anime of the season, it can be due to its popularity or any other reason which had to make them popular among the users.

Movies and OVA list

This page consists of all of the movies which are anime and animated cartoons from all over the world. There is a list of movies arranged according to the alphabetical order, so that users might not find any difficulty in finding the desired content.

Cartoon list

Under this page you would find the list of various cartoons arranged according to the different genre and order, there is almost everything for every person. Making it a stop for anime lovers as well as cartoon lovers.


Overall, Anilinkz is one of the best sites to watch anime, movies, cartoons. The user interface of the site is user-friendly and easy to use making it simple for the users to operate. The ads on the site are minimum as compared to other sites which serve anime.

No wonder, why it is considered as one of the best sites to watch anime.

Alternatives to Anilinkz


This dark theme site is also quite popular among users to watch anime. There are many servers for a single episode or movie which is a good thing whenever any server fails then you can opt for another one.

To watch on this site you don’t have to sign up or register to anything, you can go and watch anything you want.


  • Can add videos to watch later category
  • Wide content to choose from
  • Easy to use


  • Annoying ads
  • Unstable servers


It is one of the best alternatives to anilinkz because it provides a large variety of anime and movies ranging from all of the genres whether it is horror or action you will get anything you need that would fit into your mood.

The site is totally free to use and you do not have to register or do sign up to watch the content. This site records the watching habits of yours and based on those watching habits it suggests you a similar type of shows which are generally preferred by the user.


  • Simple user interface
  • Large collection
  • Various suggestions


  • Annoying ads


This site is famous among users for its various amazing features like changing the interface of the site according to the user's ease, also the video player of this site is also quite useful which includes marking the bookmarks from where you left, auto-play mode, etc.

The content quality is also very high and viewers get a treat because of it completely free of cost content.


  • Various filters
  • Advance player features
  • Huge gallery


  • Sometimes glitches in servers
  • Advertisements

Kiss anime

It is one of the oldest sites which are serving the anime content and in very good quality.

Resulting in one of the biggest collections of anime over it. The servers of this site are also very fast and also provide the option to download the content. The site keeps the record of your watching habits and based on those habits it suggests you the similar shows fitting in your needs.

There is also a chat forum over the site where the users have formed different communities related to anime, where users can chat about different anime.


  • Most updated content
  • Various dubbed anime
  • A large quantity of high-quality content


  • Old interface

It has one of the huge fanbases among users due to its amazing user interface which is easy to use as well as user-friendly. There is no need to sign up or any registration to start watching the content. There is also description provided along with the anime so that when starting any new anime it would help the users to choose which anime to watch.

The collection is arranged neatly according to different genre and users can also apply different filters by which they can choose the desired content.


  • Clean user interface
  • Huge content


  • Annoying pop-up ads

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