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With the increase in popularity of anime in youngsters, there is an increase in the number of sites over the internet that provide the anime series. Among these sites Animeheaven is also one of the popular website all over the world.

Along with this, there is difficulty in finding the sites which provide the high-quality anime content, it is a normal problem that users do not find the desired anime content on various sites.

If you are one of them then this article is for you, in this article, I am going to describe one of the popular anime websites which serve the high-quality anime series as well as movies with a wide variety.

The name of the website is “Animeheaven”. 

About Animeheaven

As the name describes it is a heaven for anime lovers. The site is loaded and fully packed with features that would make the experience of the user heavenly while watching their favorite anime.

It is a free website that requires no sign-ups or registrations to watch the videos, users can simply visit the website whenever they want and can start enjoying their favorite content without any hassle.

Users can choose between dark and light themes that would match best to the needs of the users. Along with that, there are special tabs that are displayed on the home page that would make the experience of the user easy and hassle-free.

The main highlight of the website is the filter they provide, users can simply adjust the filter according to their needs.

They can choose from the latest, most viewed today, most favorite, most rating. Along with that, they can choose anime-type whether they want to watch movies or series, another filter would show from subbed and dubbed it is up to user that which they want to choose. 

Homepage of Animeheaven

 The home page displays the latest added anime over the site which is arranged according to the time of the episode added, the latest is displayed on the top.

Users can simply choose from a wide variety of genres like action, drama, horror, martial arts, mystery, game, demons, adventure, cars and many more. It all depends on the users that the genre which suits best to the mood of the user they can find the content according to that.

If you would look at the right of the page you will find out various trending series which are preferred by most of the users. This feature helps the new users to choose the anime series which is currently trending, so that they can keep up with their friends. 


Under this tab, users will find out the latest anime series which are dubbed into English for the preference of the user. In some of the other websites it is really confusing while searching the desired anime series users cannot tell that which of the series is dubbed or not, but in the case of anime heaven, there is a separate tab which would display only those series which are dubbed into English language.

Users can either search for the desired anime series or they can simply toggle between the pages that display the anime series. 


This tab displays series only, the series which have different seasons are displayed as one when it is clicked over the tab of the series it will take the user to another page which will describe briefly about the series and would display the number of seasons and as well as the number of episodes per season. It is very helpful when the user is confused about which series they want to start watching and while reading description they can simply choose which storyline will suit the best to their mood. 


As the name describes this tab is totally dedicated to the anime movies. There are some anime fans which do not have time to watch anime series because of their hectic lifestyle but somehow they manage to spare some time to watch anime and there helps the movies section of the anime heaven, as users don’t have time to start a new series but they can watch the anime movies which would cater the short term needs of the users.

Users can also apply the filters so that they can watch only those movies that would fit best into their mood. 


This tab is for those users who are daily watchers of anime and they might be watching more than two series simultaneously at the same time. Along with the name of the anime series they also display the number of the episode which is streaming and the time at which it was uploaded.

This helps the users to keep track of their favorite series and must not miss any episode from their favorite show. It is a great feature that helps the users to find their desired episode from which they previously left and they can start watching from there. 


This is a tab for those which are totally new to the anime world and generally they do not know that from where they should start their anime journey.

This tab will help those newbies in choosing their first anime because it displays only the popular anime series which are trending throughout all over the world and based on those they display those series. It would help them in keeping up with the rest of the people and by this they would be able to join their group of friends which would always talk about the latest series or movies. 


This is a great feature for those who are following the series from very long and they do not want to waste their time in searching every time whenever the latest episode gets released but they can simply schedule their shows which are desired by them and based on that they can watch the latest anime episodes of their favorite show whenever it gets released and is uploaded on the site.

It is very useful when the users can add their favorite shows and can simply schedule the time of their watching the episodes. 


This is one unique feature that would suggest randomly any series or movie to the users. Imagine you are getting bored and are not able to decide that which of the series or movies you should watch then this feature comes so handy at that time. It randomly selects any series or movie which would cater to the need of the user at that time. Along with the randomly suggested series or movie it also displays the description of the show which helps the user to know what type of series it is.

Similar sites to Animeheaven

There are a lot of websites similar to Animeheaven for watch anime online like 9anime, Gogoanime, kissanime, anilinkz, myanimelist etc. Although not each site has all the content that you are searching for. You have to visit individual site to get the content of your choice.

Alternatives to Animeheaven

There are various alternative to Animeheaven to watch anime online. Lets explain each in details.


In the end, we can say Animeheaven is one of those websites which has a wide variety of content and is in high quality. There is no requirement of registration or any sign-ups, users can simply start watching their favorite series or movies. There are also some extra features that would make the experience of the user wonderful, as the name describes it is truly a heaven for anime lovers.

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