Ben Flajnik Without Makeup

Ben Flajnik no makeup

Ben Flajnik's bachelorettes may have a track record for being cattier than past seasons, however this little bit of hidden footage shows a group of fun-lovin', carefree gals we ‘d much rather socialize with. Maybe if they ‘d reveal this goofier side around Ben, he ‘d be less inclined to run off and skinny dip with Courtney Robertson.

Flajnik truly did put dating on TELEVISION behind him. He satisfied his (now previous) girlfriend, Stephanie Winn, in a relatable and completely regular method: on Tinder! He likewise stated that he was living a “nice, normal life” with his sweetheart and canine in San Francisco.

However, on a current podcast with Truth Steve from July 2017, Flajnik shared that, sadly, he and his sweetheart had broken up. He said, “I'm simply newly out of a relationship once again. I'm single yet again my guy.”

Ben Flajnik Without Makeup

Ben Flajnik With Makeup

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