Benedict Cumberbatch Without Makeup

Benedict Cumberbatch no makeup

He just recently ended up being somewhat of a surprise sex symbol, which was declared when he was greeted like a rock star as he showed up in Japan on Monday.

And in keeping with his new status it seems Benedict Cumberbatch has actually turned to an interesting hair and make-up technique.

The star appeared practically like a wax work figure wearing far excessive structure and powder on his face while his hair appeared to be covered in excess item as he spoke throughout an interview in Tokyo to promote his latest film Star Trek: Into Darkness.

His face, which is typically the very same colour as the rest of his pale skin, was noticeably covered in an orange tinged foundation.

And falling for the traditional pitfall when using makeup, the line where his make-up ended and his natural skin colour started once again might be seen.

The dramatic colouring made the 36-year-old not only look older than his years however it likewise made his eyes appear substantially smaller sized.

Giggling away, the star didn't hold back and he enjoyed his delicious treat – biting the head clean off a cake figurine of himself.

Benedict Cumberbatch Without Makeup

Benedict Cumberbatch With Makeup


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