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Have you thought about why it is so important to choose the best dietitians in INDIA? We all crave good health, a good figure, and happy living. Tons of nutrition information swirling on the internet can be confusing when you want to start living a healthy life. Choosing a dietitian is certainly not easy because some dieticians claim one food as bad, and the other says the same food has high nutritional value.

A dietitian is not just a person who holds a degree in food/health sciences but the one who can understand your body and mind while they keep their cool and make you fit and fine.


List of Best Dietitians In India You Must Consider

If you have health issues and trying to get your life back on track to get healthy, fit, and in good shape, here are some of the best dietitians in INDIA. These results are analyzed to give you a hand-picked list of the best based on their professionalism, availability, qualification, and reputation.

Dietitian Niveta Bajaj

One of the best dietitians in INDIA; Dt. Niveta from Rajasthan is mainly known for weight loss management, thyroid diet counseling, and diabetes diet counseling. Her motto is “stay slim and fit with the simplest meals.” She is also a humble, simple person who listens to her clients and seeks to make them safe and comfortable when discussing their health issues or insecurities. Dt. Niveta is transparent even on her social media platforms and shares simple and easy health tips. She works towards a healthy lifestyle. Her diet plans are unique, personalized from vegan to non-vegetarians. Moreover, she provides both personals remote consultations at an affordable price.


Dietitian Melanie Dsouza

If you are from Bengaluru, the one passionate dietitian would be Dt. Melanie. She has excellent knowledge about nutrition science. She has experience treating Weight management, fertility and prenatal nutrition, postnatal nutrition, diet for anemia, PCOS, GDM, PIH, hypothyroidism, complementary feeding, weight gain in children. One has to mention she is empathetic. She also presents straightforward and delicious ways to create recipes, especially for weight gain in children.

Dietitian Nisha Malhotra

The best dietitian awardee, her experience of 30+ years is more than enough to define her. She has authored numerous books on the “diet to cure” series. She is one of the best dietitians in INDIA, located in the capital Delhi. Dt. Nisha's advice gives quick results. Her weight loss techniques are easy to follow without much stress about food and exercise. She has an exceptional talent to help clients reduce the cravings for sugar and other unhealthy food, finding a way to have more energy naturally and gain greater balance in life.


Dietitian Priyanka Mittal

The renowned nutritional dietitian in and around Chandigarh, one of the best dietitians in INDIA, is best known for her health tips. Dt. Priyanka's diet plans are unique, and she mainly focuses on healthy living in a busy life. Her diet plans can help you get on track with a healthy body and soul amidst the busy life to balance with. Secondly, Priyanka is readily available for online consultations, so one need not travel to Chandigarh but start getting fit from the comfort of your home. Also, check here some of the healthcare options.

Dietitian Raksha Changappa

Another Bengaluru-based award-winning nutritionist, Dt. Raksha is also an author and the only nutritionist with most nutrition awards amongst dieticians practicing INDIA. Her diet consulting proficiency spans most nutrition sub-specialties like pediatrics, adolescents, adults, geriatric, and sports. She is incredible at handling the rarest of rare disorders (e.g., systemic lupus, phenylketonuriaavascular necrosis) and better-known conditions (e.g., obesity, diabetes mellitus) with equal expertise.


Dietitian Ryan Fernando

If you are a sportsperson or your child is aspiring to a sports career, Dt. Ryan is your go. He is a celebrity sports nutritionist, award winner, author, a Guinness World Record holder. He makes nutrition a fun yet fascinating subject. His techniques are extremely simple and easy to follow for both kids and adults. He is undoubtedly the best dietitian in INDIA who has assisted thousands of athletes and cricketers, including the Indian team Virat Kohli. Also, check out the article here on How the Average Indian diet has insufficient nutrition.

Dietitian Shubhra Jain

Among the best dietitians in INDIA, Dt. Shubhra from Ambala focuses on staying fit and get rid of the unhealthy lifestyle leading to complex health issues. She is an exceptionally skilled dietitian and has worked with 30000+ clients who were remarkably happy with her services. Her systematic methods include proper routine and adequate food regime, which is easy to follow and gives the best results. Dt. Shubhra is famous for her weight management program and her personalized diet plans that have cured complications like Hypertension, Heart Disease, Kidney Problems, Pediatric Nutrition, Diabetes, Arthritis, Gout, Anemia, Liver Problems, PCOD & PCOS, etc.


Final Thoughts

The above list contains information about the best dietitians in INDIA. These dietitians are exceptionally great with knowledge and experience in curing complex health conditions. Most importantly, they give the best health advice to their patients.

Remember, your body is always a reflection of your lifestyle. So, it's vital to give preference to your health, make necessary changes to your busy schedule, and have a timely balanced diet.


The greatest gift you give yourself is your health.

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