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Bolly4u is a downpour site principally utilized for downloading motion pictures. This site furnishes you with the pilfered substance of the original form of films. And a lot of films downloaded and streamed online are mostly in Hindi, and others, Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil, are dubbed in Hindi for its users.

Here, we will talk chiefly about how to download major motion pictures from this site, for absolutely no price. As of now, people need handy solutions, for watching movies.

Today, no one has the time as well as the opportunity to taste the finer leisure of life. With this in mind, the web has turned out to be one of the most recent sensations of the age. Therefore, online content such as movies, music, and other named variants of the remote substance truly reserved on.

Today, you can watch your adored motion pictures, and not just movies, any irregular substance that is in the market is uploaded online. And., you can simply watch them at the comfort of your home, without having to get packed at a single spot for 3 hours.

More about Bolly4u

A lot of the youthful age realize what Bolly4u is actually about. And, in case you have the foggiest idea about it, today, I will, reel of any equivocalness about Bolly4u for the audience to see. Bolly4u is basically a pilfered site celebrated for sharing unique substance. It provides unique and named adaptations to keep language issue under control. Bolly4u transfers late propelled motion pictures in a day or 2 on their website. It sets you up with the most recent motion pictures as well as old ones too. Considering these many benefits of this site it won't come as a surprise that it is famous among motion picture sweethearts.

What kind of content do Bolly4u provide?

At this point, I would say that Bolly4u has a comprehensive view of the kind of content that it want to show on its website. For instance, this site proffers motion pictures, at the same time, other stimulation intends to keep kit clients enthusiasm checking, similar to web arrangements, everyday cleansers, unscripted TV dramas and so on. Content in literally any language runs down on this website.

Latest movies available in HD on Bolly4u

This site furnishes you with most recent, however, an entire scope of motion pictures. The website is a hub of new released Bollywood, Hollywood, South, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Dubbed Movies. Also, there is no confinement on the nature of the print of the movies on this website. They provide content in HD 1020p, 720p, 360, 240, etc, for you to download.

Recently added movies on the website are:

Update - 2019.12.28

  • Chhichhore 2019 Pre DVDRip 700Mb Full Hindi Movie Download x264
  • Saaho 2019 Pre DVDRip 450MB Full Hindi Movie Download 480p
  • The Tale of Despereaux 2008 BRRip 400Mb Hindi Dual Audio 480p
  • EGO 2019 HDRip 850MB Hindi Dubbed 720p
  • 18+ Eyes Of The Serpent 1994 WEBRip 350MB Hindi Dual Audio 480p
  • Chicken Curry Law 2019 Pre DVDRip 350Mb Hindi x264
  • Main Tujhpe Qurban 2019 HDRip 350MB Hindi Dubbed 480p
  • The Tale of Despereaux 2008 BRRip 700Mb Hindi Dual Audio 720p

Is Bolly4u safe to use?

Regarding the safety of this website, I should mention it clearly that it is a pilfered motion picture site, that is to say, it provides you with a pirated copy of the original substance. Government of India has strictly banned plagiarism of any kind of original content and described it as a culpable offence.

Having said that, there are ways that you can make use of if you still want to enjoy your beloved movies without any discrepancies or getting involved in any kind of legal issues. VPN virtual private network), extends a private network across a public network, and, enable users to send and receive data, across, shared or public networks, as if, the computing devices were directly, connected to a private network. Applications running on a laptop, smartphone or any other device, therefore, benefit from the functionality, security, and encryption of a private network.

To ensure security the private network connection is established using encryption and VPN users use authentication methods of passwords and Id to gain access to the private network. Therefore, the internet provider won't get to know the origin of the content that you downloaded on Bolly4u, saving you any kind of legal trouble.

How do Bolly4u Earn Money?

The admins behind the website make money by using link shorteners ads, Direct Ads, Redirect Background click ads, Affiliate Links, etc. Some times such websites also use Pay Per Download type monetization system to make money. Pay Per download actually pretends that you are downloading a file with the same name as per your requirement. But in fact, it downloads a virus to your computer that in turn demands money from you. So, be aware of these type of fake downloads.

How much Bolly4u Earns in a Month?

It is not good to say about the earnings of these kinds of websites. We can just estimate the earnings only based on the rough idea of traffic per month. Overall, we can say that the website earns more than INR 5 lakhs per month.

How to unblock Bolly4u?

In case the site has been blocked, you can always use a VPN service to unblock your site from your ISP. This is because VPN's allow you to access any of the websites that you wish to jump online, by routing all, your internet traffic through a server that locks nor masks your internet activity.

Why does government blocks sites like Bolly4u?

The administration of India thinks of piracy as culpable wrongdoing and for this very reason, it has blocked sites like BOLLY4U from most of the Internet Service Providers of the country. The website also got de-indexed from Google due to number of DMCA complaints. For this very reason, Bolly4u keeps on changing its domain names to avoid getting caught. For example,,, Bolly4u.web, etc.

Other domains of Bolly4u

Admins of Bolly4u regularly change the domain name of Bolly4u due to frequent blocking of official website. Although it is hard to say the proper and working website of Bolly4u still some of the domains can be mentioned below. Here, are some of the new domains of Bolly4u.

  • Bolly4u.viz
  • Bolly4u.south

How do sites like Bolly4u affect the business of film producers?

As of today, no one really likes to visit, the movie theaters. This has received colossal losses for the movie producers. You see, these guys depended heavily on, the movie reviews, and the revenue bigoted from the tickets that people used to purchase. But, now, that these pirated movie sites have shown up and with people accessing them in huge numbers and increasing enthusiasm the, fortune of these producers has come to a downfall.

How to download movies from Bolly4u?

Downloading movies from Bolly4u is quite easy. All you have to do is visit their site. Choose from the various options on language, size, name, category, and genre of the movie that you wish to watch, and just like that, you will be directed to a link that takes you to your desired movie. There you will find the downloading link of Movie. Please identify the actual download button and advertisement properly. There are numerous amount of Ads on the site just to make money online. We have to identify the difference and click only on the proper downloading link.


We don't bolster any kind of pilfered sites. Therefore, this article is only for information. Under Indian law robbery or pilferage of any kind of unique substance has been considered as guilty offence.

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