Are there places where I can buy co-Codamol online?


Co-codamol is a type of compound painkiller (or analgesic) that is produced from the combination of paracetamol and codeine phosphate. This medication belongs to a class called opioid analgesics and is available in different strengths.

The growth and development of technology has given people the opportunity to utilise resources in ways that provide convenience, privacy and low prices just by the click of a button. People are now able to purchase groceries, food, clothing, appliances, equipment and even medication by using the internet.


With the easy access to online platforms, people are able to buy co-codamol tablets online. There are various online pharmacies that offer fast and convenient ordering of the medication that includes delivery to your door.

These online platforms provide all the necessary information needed, such as dosage, indications, precautions and uses, before buying any type of medication. When one decides to buy this therapeutic online, it is important to find a legitimate online pharmacy that is allowed to operate in your area of residence.


This article aims to enlighten the reader by providing information to purchase co-codamol online, alternatives to the medication as well as related information. 

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Are co-codamol tablets sold in shops?

This therapeutic comes in a capsule, tablet and an effervescent tablet form. This medication is available both over-the-counter (OTC) and on prescription, depending on its strength. The strength of paracetamol in co-codamol is usually 500mg, while the strength of codeine is 8mg, 12.8mg, 15mg and 30mg.

The 8mg and 12.8mg dosage is available OTC, whilst the 15mg and 30mg can usually only be prescribed by a doctor. Because this medication contains codeine, which has caused dependency for some patients, it is not easily available at physical pharmacies. 


Some patients become dependent on codeine, while it provides a quick relief of pain. If this medication is taken without following usage instructions, people may continue suffering from side effects, which can be prevented. Therefore, it is advisable to follow dosage and usage instructions to avoid potential side-effects, such as excessive dizziness or drowsiness. 

These side-effects solely depend on the user and precaution should be taken if a patient decides to use this therapeutic. The time period of usage is generally up to 5 days, using the medication up to 4 times a day. More prolonged usage can be advised, depending on your condition and treatment plan. 


What alternatives are there to Co-codamol?

As we know, this medication is a short-term treatment for pain ranging from mild to moderate and is prescribed when other painkillers do not produce the desired effects. This therapeutic is commonly used to treat migraines, persistent coughing, rheumatic pains, headaches, toothaches, fever, post-surgery pain and period pains.

It is made up of a combination of paracetamol (500mg) and codeine (8mg, 12.8mg, 15mg or 30mg); therefore, these two ingredients are the best alternatives as they stand. Hence, this combination medication can also be safely taken separately. Paracetamol is used to treat fever and pain by controlling the hypothalamus and blocking pain signals from the brain. It is a great alternative as it is not as strong as other painkillers therefore producing very few, but manageable side-effects.


Codeine is slightly stronger and reduces pain by imitating endorphins in the body, which lessens the feeling of pain. It is usually used for more severe pain (post-operative, muscle pain). Thus, one can take the separate options as an alternative if the more convenient combination is not available. 

Buy co-codamol online for your convenience

Below are some scenarios in which purchasing co-codamol tablets (or the other forms) online are convenient:

  •         People living in remote areas are unable to travel outside their homes without having to spend a lot on transport; hence, they benefit the most from online purchasing, as they will receive their medication at home with a minimal cost.
  •         Patients using or about to use co-codamol are generally those suffering from different types of pain, therefore, buying this medication from an offline pharmacy will be strenuous for them as they will need to travel out to purchase the therapeutic. Hence, purchasing co-codamol online from online pharmacies is much more convenient, effortless and less time consuming.
  •         This medication is available with and without prescription from various online pharmacies. These pharmacies not only place your order, but also provide delivery right to your door. This is a great service as it defeats the act of waiting in long queues or spending more money getting the medication from a local pharmacy.
  •         Most online pharmacies have a licensed pharmacist or responsive customer consultant available on call, to assist with any questions or advice needed. With this service, people do not have to re-visit their doctors or travel to their local pharmacy for more information on the medication. Instead they will be able to call or message (different for all online pharmacies), from the comfort of their homes.

Is it cheap to buy Co-codamol?

There are different factors when it comes to the pricing of this therapeutic. The price of the medication usually depends on the amount, dosage, and the online pharmacy you purchase from.

Usually, the more tablets, capsules or effervescent contained in a box the higher price. However, an offline pharmacy has additional operational expenses to cover and prices will typically be much more than and an online pharmacy. The latter also offer wide approved generic options that are as effective but up to 80% cheaper.

Generally, buying online is cheaper than buying from an offline pharmacy and this is because you are able to earn further discounts and incentives when purchasing online. Especially if you have been using an online pharmacy for some time, they will generally offer you discounts and promotions monthly. Some internet pharmacies have a points system in which points earned by purchasing from them will accumulate and can be used either to buy your next medication, earn a discount or earn free delivery.

According to some sources, the retail price for co-codamol is generally £2.49 for 32 tablets, whereas its generic is just 20p-40p for 16 caplets. This can vary and prices can change. Generic medication is usually much cheaper to buy even though they provide the same desired effects and serve the same purpose. Because of the different pricing by different suppliers, it is much easier to compare prices of different online pharmacies and choose the cheaper one.

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