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Most of you guys would be aware of the word forum, for those who do not know what a forum is.

Forum is basically a website where people can online discuss and can hold the messages in the forum messages posted by them. There are different access levels for different users, sometimes moderator approves the messages of users before making it visible to the public.

Forums could be related to any topic or theme but have you guys wondered that there could be a forum that has desi theme?

Yes, in this article I am going to describe one of the most used forum by Indian users named “Desirulez” where all of the content and threads are related to desi tv shows and movies. 

About DesiRulez

As already described Desirulez is a forum where you will get content totally related to desi entertainment. To post and chat in any forum you have to register as a member in the forum and after that you can easily login through your login id and can avail the services of the forum.

However, if you do not want to post anything but you only want access to the forums or want to view the public content then there is no need for registration or sign up.

The interface of the website is user-friendly and users can easily use the website.


Home page

The home page of the website is very interactive in its own way, all of the major links are provided over the home page so that users would not find any difficulty in finding the required forums.

Under the website tab, you would find various threads related to announcements, suggestions, site bug reports, support/requests, DR contests, DR rewards, DR information center.

Then there is a tab named as GupShup

There are threads which are related to the introduction of new members, where new members can introduce themselves to other member and users, there are also various tutorials available which will help the new users in setting up their account and would also help in maintaining their forums.

The next section is General discussion and under this section, users can chat on threads related to their views and thoughts about sports, technology, a recipe section, health and fitness, game reviews and many more general topics.

Under this, you will find the image gallery section, as the name displays it contains threads related to wallpapers and pictures related to movie stars and celebrities, DVD covers, first-look images of movies and shows, magazine cover photos, wallpapers related to various themes for your device.

Below this there is the timepass section, there are various threads related to online videos, guyz corners, DR member interviews, jokes corner, poetry, memorable quotes, funny video and images, books, girlz corner, how to?, forum games, past forum games. 

Birthday wish corner has threads under which users can wish other members Happy Birthday and can make their day memorable.

Then there is Bollywood news corner, the threads available are related to gossips and news about movies and the business industry. 

DR graphics

This tab is quite interesting one, under this tab users can actually learn how to do Photoshop as there is a full course available here under which there are tutorials regarding the Photoshop.

The showcase thread gives the users a platform to show off their gfx skills and there are various competitions going on where users can take part.

There is also a request zone where users can request any type of gfx work. 

The next tabs are totally dedicated to entertainment 

DR music

Under this, there are various threads which are sorted on the basis of various genre and themes making it easy for the public to find the music they want and it also helps the users to post any music which is in demand for other people. You can find almost every type of music and music video which you want to listen to. 

DR movie

It Is well-sorted section where you will find three sections, the first section contains threads related to latest web series and movies.

The second section has threads that are aligned according to the years and users can easily find the required movies from it.

The third section contains threads related to other language movies which are Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Pakistani and Nepali movies. 

Sports section

As the name describes this section is totally dedicated to sports and it would be a favorite section for sports lovers, all of the threads are related to sports and sports only.

Users can find various videos, images, and updates regarding different sport events. 

Tv shows

Almost every tv channel is available under this tab and from this users can watch any of the tv shows from their favorite channels like star plus, zee tv, colors, sony tv, sab tv, &tv and many more. Award functions and concerts are also available over here.

Apart from Indian channels, there are also other channels available here from other countries like Pakistan.

Is it safe to use desiRulez?

The answer is it is not very safe to use these types of websites and there could be some reasons.

The first reason is that there might be chances of getting infected of your device from the viruses or malware which might be in any of the threads, this might occur as a result of some naughty users or hackers which could steal the personal data of other users and can use it for unethical purposes.

The second reason is that sometimes members can post the pirated content on the threads and it is illegal to distribute or use the content without the permission of the original producer of the content. If you are watching or downloading the pirated content there are some chances that you might get into serious trouble.

There are also a lot of ads over some of the post which make the experience of the user annoying as some ads might automatically pop up in between any of the posts.

Users can use ad blockers which can block the unnecessary ads that can make the experience of the users seamless.

Also, a good antivirus is important as it will help the device to protect from various hackers and viruses which could harm the device of the user.

VPN can also be installed on the device of the users which can hide the location and can also help them in keeping them safe when they are using any public network. 


In a nutshell, DesiRulez is a good website where the desi entertainment enthusiast can interact with other users and can share the various shows and movies which can be watched by the public as well.

All over making a fun spot for entertainment lovers.


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