Everything you Need to Know About Casual Shoes

Can you imagine your life without wearing shoes? Every woman likes to have variety of shoes in their closet to match their outfit. Female footwear is known to make the women appear desirable and beautiful and obviously functional. Different shoes are appropriate for different occasions. With Shoes are an important part of daily attire and hence, one needs to be careful while selecting them. With so many options available, it can often leave us confused as what should be worn with what. Therefore before selection, you need to understand the basic nuances of shoes like categories.

In women’s footwear, a wide variety is available in the market today. There are two main categories of shoes – casual and formal. Though both add up to a shoe category, but there is a huge difference between the two. Formal shoes are mainly the ones that you wear at formal places like offices or formal events like stilettos, brogues, court shoes, closed heels etc. Casual shoes are something that you can where at your home, while shopping or meeting your friends for coffee etc. These may include flip-flops, ballerinas, sneakers, wedges, gladiator sandals etc. You can easily buy casual shoes for women through retain as well as online.

Types of Women Casual Shoes

As the name suggests, casual shoes can be worn every day. You can easily team up with casual wear like jeans, shorts, leggings, jeggings, knee-length dresses etc. The prime objective of wearing casual shoes is that it gives relaxed look. Different types of shoes are worn on different occasions. Shoe stores have variety of shoes in their shops to offer women. Depending on your need, you should pick your shoe. Women have lot of variety in terms of style, colour and patterns in shoes as compared to men. Here are few common categories of casual shoes that every woman must know:-


Flat slipper kind of shoes that are comfortable and part of daily footwear. They are an essential item for every woman. They are so versatile in nature because they come in all kinds of prints, colour and patterns. You can find a huge variety of ballerinas these days. They can be worn on skirts, jeans, pants, leggings etc. Basically, they are perfect for every outfit.


Wedges heels or sandals are known as the more polished ones in casual shoes category. You can look sleek and tender without compromising the comfort of your feet by wearing wedges. They are comfortable to wear and perfect for dresses and jeans.


For a sportier look, you should go for sneakers. Sneakers are a perfect for a casual girls outing. They are comfortable, light on foot and practical to wear for a casual look. They come in different colours and patterns so you can always find one that matches your outfit. Sneakers are more popular with college going or younger population. They look perfect with jeans and t-shirt.


for the ultimate summer relief walking on beach or pool side, flip flops are the best. They are easy to wear and comfortable, can easily fit in your bag as well. Depending on your need, you can choose a style of flip-flop. Flip-flops can be easily worn to complete daily chores like grocery shopping or vegetable shopping. Super versatile footwear that comes in various patterns and colours.


Loafers are always perceived as male footwear. However, they are a part of women casual shoes as well. They offer a classic style and perfect for middle-aged or even old aged women. They are closed and easy to wear. They come in laces and easy to slip on style. Women can easily wear them with a casual outfit or even with office wear.


Mules falls in the category of open footwear in women casual shoes. They are usually closed from front and opened in the back. They are more casual and are comfortable than regular flip-flops.

Sport Shoes

For sports and running, there are sport shoes. They can be worn for exercising purposes, hiking or other outdoor activities. They are more supportive for your feet and comfier than sneakers. However, you need to first try them before buying because they need to fit your feet and provide the right support as well as cushioning. It is meant to keep your complete body posture in line while exercising.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are one of a kind. They are strapped style footwear with a t-strap running over the foot. They work perfect with maxi dresses and tailored trousers. Gladiator sandals were a part of women casual footwear from centuries and have recently made a comeback.

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