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Everybody knows the worst culture in gamers. Many games appear to be a terrible thing in humans. But what about the best gamers? Many groups are nice such as f95zone, supportive and supporting new players are free from elitism, unnecessary sarcasm and even more or less free of the threat of death. The best gaming communities I find here are defined and why I think they make a friendlier place.

Team Fortress 2

Let’s accept first of all that all competitive games can be a bit toxic. Yet TF2 is overwhelmingly pleasant from all the FPS games out there. Although not entirely free of showers, informal and f95zones groups are far less descriptive. It’s not completely free of showers. This is for numerous reasons. At the start, it’s a popular game with a steady inflow of new players; a mixed level of skill ensures you won’t be decimated automatically, as you would in more serious FPS. Furthermore, a team-based match, the lone wolf is not recommended; players should rely on help classes as the medical practitioner.

Finally, the amusing, animated environment provides a relaxed atmosphere; most players just have some fun, instead of pretending they are e-Rambo. You will not find this of course on any site, but it is easy to find and enjoy a great one after shopping for a little server. But before I spoke, I was playing around and a 12-year-old nearly made me cry. I was about to say the same thing about Overwatch.


I understand, but listen to me. It is worth noting, though, that in some practical FPS games at least lower degrees of toxicity is possible. In comparison to CoD, I consider the EA’s battlefront unexpectedly attractive. It’s probably teamwork again. Successful teams also collaborate and interact to provide a strategic benefit. As you can guess it is not the best way to make sure they wake up to your mic and that your colleague is a’ noob-jackoff-waste-of-space.’ The forums like f95zone are a whole different ball game, even though it is fun to play. Casual gamers will have a light PTSD event through busy websites. If you want to chat about Battlefield, the YouTube channel is a much more welcoming place, battlefields are good for engaging with the viewer and fans tend to come together around issues such as poor quality DLCs and prerequisites. My buddy and all that jazz are the enemies of my enemy.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

This brilliant game was many years ahead and all these years later it attracts a strong fan base. Just as the battle environment is faster than COD, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is still slower. The rate seems to be faster and more helpful. Why does this happen? Ah, maybe because it is an older title, I’m not aware, but players are real genre lovers. Instead, the faster, strategic gaming can draw a younger, smarter player and ignore anxious rage gamers who just have little room for it. The Rainbow Six Victories follow-up encourages campaigns against bullying. Maybe it’s shockingly hit a high game count all-time.

The Entire Total War Series

Whilst many launches disappointed fans in this series, the development of outstanding audiences never stopped. Given the scale of these games which may be unrivaled to death and destruction by any other player, they are very pleasant. The forums are packed with strategic debate, tactics manuals, and good intentions. Players appear genuinely interested in training others to enhance their playing and RL truth. The games attract players with an interest in history and tactics, with a similar mind, analytical (even if I said it myself). Heartfelt Lobbying is a common occurrence for developers that spent time to make great game versions.

Rocket League

Who would think it’d always be so famous three years later in this 2015 car football game? Admittedly, you can be put on the servers where you are left to ride around the stadium as a new player while the pros float around the rooftops, but I never once got a grill as someone who was a groundhog several times. This seems to have taken along some of the best sports aspects of the game that Fifa and Pro-Evo still miss. Again, it has a team play dimension, but it’s particularly friendly, even with that.

Little Big Planet

While you could say that the friendliness of Little Big Planet is attributed to its younger audience, that can’t be said about the hate-stew online. Due to its community rating system and world-wide nature, the appeal of Little Big Planet is most likely. Through fostering imagination, LBP has made the normal semi-racist, analphabetic hounding we gamers have proven oddly accustomed to a more centered environment. Genuine relationships were made in Little Big Planet, and this is a huge shift from massive online war zones, where “killing spree” is the ultimate goal.

Left 4 Dead 2

Both rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns are needed to create a happy virtual place to play. The ravenous Left crowds for the Dead 2. Perhaps more than any other game, teamwork produces a true sense of comradery that can be won only in the face of overwhelming herds of the undead. New players and rising play types are welcome. And it really appeals to hero play— I have been trapped more than I can count as increasingly hungry people, locked, then friends come from nowhere to save the day by using fire-spastic weapons. One of the main factors that make this culture so strong is that it’s tough.

Dark Souls: A cult classic with many variations, it draws many players, i.e. the gamer who loves being brutally punched, again, time and time AND time. Surprisingly, he also seems to be the type of player who is happy to spend time helping other players get a little less often, and violently, knocked their heads. In addition to its challenge, streaming pace runners and committed developers help to forge the close ties, albeit masochistic.

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