Forex Fury Review: The Best of Forex Fury (EXPOSED!)


If you are part of the Forex world, you know how dynamic the market movements are. That is particularly true if you are clueless about when is the right time to place a trade.

When you take advantage of an automated system, you can enjoy a stress-free life knowing that a Forex robot can carry out all your trading. A trading robot refers to a program that utilizes mathematical algorithms to decide whether to trade or not.


Trading robots like Forex Fury can develop signals necessary for translating orders for a more straightforward trade from the market fluctuations. They help eliminate any psychological strain that may take place in the forex trade.

We have been using Forex Fury for more than three years and, until now, are impressed with the trading results, features, customer support, and more. If you are curious about what Forex Fury really is, this post is for you.


Features, Settings, and Strategies Overview

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Here are some of the features, settings, and strategies of what interested users can expect from Forex Fury:

  • The Forex robot works automatically on the terminal
  • It works on MT4 and MT5 platforms
  • The system works under NFA and FIFO regulations
  • Several levels of risks are available: low, medium, and high
  • The system can skip high volatile periods
  • The trading bot opens for an hour daily
  • It is delivered with a massive Excel file alongside settings
  • It allows traders to start a micro account at $100
  • It works with 0-7 orders frequency a day
  • The installation process can last up to five minutes
  • The filters help skip unfavorable market scenarios
  • The system offers tested and proven set files

MT4 and MT5 Compatibility 

One of the best things about using Forex Fury is that it works well on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. This Forex robot also complies with FIFO and NFA policies. It comes with three trading schemes; each has a varying risk level.


Aside from the ECN support, this trading bot also comes with a money management feature, allowing some adjustments on the trading lot sizes according to the account balance. Traders can make it work with MT4/MT5 brokers. They can also use filters to deal with various market conditions.

When traders purchase Forex Fury, they will get a well-detailed user guide with tutorials and videos. Anyone can start trading at little as $100 using a micro account. Whether it is small or large accounts, this trading bot is reliable.


Helpful Official Website 

When navigating Forex Fury’s official website, it is noticeable that the main features are outlined. We also noticed shared links dedicated to the live trading accounts. The pricing details are along with the users’ testimonials. We also found the About Us, Member Area, and FAQ section, where interested users can learn several things about the company.

Trading Results 

This Forex robot follows different trading strategies that work effectively with low volatility. Traders do not need to multitask. Occasionally, they can review and monitor any growth trends and leave other tasks to the trading robot.


Trading Results of forex fury

Forex Fury helps traders monitor all the indicators before deciding on trade. In return, trading multiple pairs becomes a lot easier.

Pricing and Refund 

Interested users can choose from two packages: Gold and Diamond plans. The Gold package can be purchased at $229.99, while the Diamond package is $439.99.

The only difference between Gold and Diamond plans is that the latter comes with two live accounts. Both two plans have unlimited demo accounts. When it comes to the refund, the Gold plan only offers it.

What We Like About It 

Forex Fury helps educate its users regarding the different trading techniques and guides them to the right trading path. This trading robot allows us to take our trading to the next level while making more profits in the long run.

This trading robot is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. It is programmed to trade until it hits the target continuously. So, it is possible to profit in the least amount of time. Plus, after several times of use, we also discovered that it is programmed to be completely transparent. So, legit investors, brokers, and traders can use it with a high confidence level.

It is safe for us to say that Forex Fury is one of the best trading bots we have ever tried. It is suitable for those who like the idea of a bot that works 24/7 alongside a money-back guarantee. This Forex robot is user-friendly, where interested users do not need in-depth trading knowledge or prior experience of using trading robots. So, beginners can easily adjust to its features and functionalities.

Plenty of verified trading accounts is available for this trading bot. We knew that the development team took an effort to provide incredible sets of features, including money management, ECN support, proven SET files, MT4/MT5 compatibility, and the capability of trading cryptocurrencies and multiple currency pairs.

With the added multiple filters, we can prevent the negative impact of unfavorable market situations. The system also utilizes low, medium, and high levels of risks. We find the installation and setup process quick and easy, especially since a complete instruction manual is included alongside a video for the setup.

Final Thoughts 

Forex Fury guarantees helpful features, easy to install and set-up system, and responsive customer support. It is suitable for novice and seasoned Forex traders, with two plans available to match every trader’s unique preference. Overall, it is an incredible Forex trading bot.

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