How to Make a Game App?

The other day while reading about some game developers in San Francisco, we learned that one could easily make one's place in the lucrative mobile gaming industry. It is because there is hardly an individual around with any smartphone.

And we bet that you too clicked this article because you plan to build a game app and enter this billion-dollar industry. Right?

But let us tell you that, unfortunately, there is a lack of guidance on how to make a mobile game, and many of your questions about this topic remain unanswered even after browsing dozens of websites.

But, fret not as we have brought you an ultimate guide on how to make a game app. This comprehensive guide consists of 7 steps and will surely help the beginners like you in their journey from IDEA to RELEASE of a gaming app of their own.

So, without further ado!

Know Your Plan

The first step to creating a game app is to know the type of game you want to design. Is it a puzzle game or a racer that you want to make? Moreover, ask yourself whether it would be 3D or 2D. The clearer you know about the art styles, characters and gameplay, the quicker you will make your game.

Choose a Tool

Advancement in game-creating tools has facilitated the game developers a great deal. Today, some software such as Unity, UDK (Unreal Development Kit), and GameSalad to code for you so that you may focus on the creative side of your project. Choose the one which answers your requirements the best.

Learn Programming Language

The next step in how to make a game app guide is to learn to program. Whichever game development tool you may elect, it is essential to learn a programming language. We would advise you to get started with C# as it is easy to understand for beginners.

Start Designing

At this stage, we will advise you to keep things simple initially so that designing your project may not appear to be intimidating to you. It is wise to initiate with the rules for the game and primary mechanics you would be incorporating in making game apps. Then comes designing the levels and implementing all the graphics you chose for your game.

Implementation of Graphics

For this, you will have to select between two options:

  • Design the figures yourself using programs like Photoshop, Maya, or 3Ds Max. Out of these, the former is for 2D and the latter for 3D graphics.
  • The other way to implement graphics is to get them designed by a professional. Many pros are available online who materialize the desired look of characters you use to build a game app.

Elevate the Gaming Experience

In the competitive market of mobile games, giving your audience an elevated gaming experience, you should make sure:

  • It doesn't pixelate.
  • The controls are intuitive.
  • It is engaging with an exciting storyline.
  • It has appealing background music.
  • It is tested.


Specify a budget for marketing your game and release it. It will help you improve in the light of users' feedback.

Final words

Now that you have learned the step-by-step instruction on how to create a game app. We are sure that you have closed all the other tabs and are feeling equipped with everything you need for making game apps!

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