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Introduction to Kuttyweb

It is a website that provides you various movies and TV shows, the content can be either watched online or users can also download the content.

Just like other torrent websites, Kuttyweb also serve the pirated stuff which means that whenever any movie or tv shows is released in HD quality or high quality they make the pirated version of that content and then they publish over their website.

The main focus of the website is to provide the Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies but they also serve the Hindi, English and Punjabi movies as well, which means that the content of Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies is more than any other genre.

The movies and TV shows provided here can be accessed by any user and they do not need to sign up or register before streaming or downloading the videos. All of the content provided here is totally free of cost and users do not have to pay a single penny for the videos.

More about Kuttyweb

The website is well categorized and all of the wide variety of movies with different languages are arranged and categorized into various categories and sub-categories.

The user interface of the website is very easy to use and simple. There are various filter options by which the users can filter the content according to their needs.

Movies and TV shows are organized according to different languages, from the date of release ranging from old, new and latest.

However, there are various annoying ads that pop up at any time while you are using the website and some redirects you to another page.

Is it safe to visit Kuttyweb?

It is not very safe to visit these websites and there are various reasons behind it.

The first reason is that these sites serve pirated movies and TV shows, and we all know that it is illegal to serve and use the pirated content.

So if you don't want to get into any trouble then it is advisable to not to visit such site, there are some chances that you might get into some serious trouble. You always use some legal platforms to stream or download the videos. However, if you are using these types of websites then you must use a VPN extension in your browser that would help to keep your location secret.

The next reason is that there are a lot of advertisements on these sites and some of these advertisements might lead or direct you to another page and these pages could contain various types of viruses and malware that could harm your device or sometimes could also steal your personal information and this information is further traded in return of money.

There are also some viruses which are developed by hackers and these viruses can steal you vital and credential information which would be very drastic as it could be used to hack your bank accounts and there also some chances that they might also use your device for unethical purposes and for this you could get into trouble.

To prevent all of these you must have an AdBlock extension installed in your browser which could block those annoying ads while you are using the website, and also you must install a good antivirus in your device which will protect your device from various harmful viruses and malware and also from hackers.

Why the government blocks these sites?

The main reason for the blocking of these sites by the government is that these sites serve the pirated movies and TV shows. Our Indian government considers piracy as a serious crime because it affects the economy of India to a large extent.

So whenever the government finds any type of sites like this it gets banned by the government, this is not such a successful technique as these websites after getting blocked always come up with new similar names. 

Effect of these sites on Film producers.

These websites put a very negative impact on film producers, they get highly demotivated whenever any of their movies get leaked by these websites. All of the efforts and their hard work goes in vain when the public instead of watching their movies in the cinema theater they watch their movies on these websites. Collectively this also puts a huge impact on the economy of the nation.

Alternatives to Kuttyweb

There are various alternatives to Kuttyweb


Tamilgun just like Tamilyogi is one of the most used websites for streaming and downloading movies and tv shows. As the name describes the major share of the movies in Tamil and Telugu movies.

The quality provided by the website is mostly in high quality, the content is of a wide variety from which users can choose from their moods. Users can also download the videos along with the streaming. There are multiple links for a single video and if any of the links stop working then users can use the other links. This site also serves the pirated content.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Wide variety of movies and tv shows to choose from
  • Multiple links for a single video

  • Too many ads


The site Tamilrockers also focuses mainly on the Tamilian movies and along with that, you can also find Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

The interface of the website is very friendly to the new user, there is no need for registering or sign up to start using the services of the website. Users can simply watch anything totally free of cost and there is a huge variety of movies to choose from.

It tells about the upcoming movies and tv shows and if any movie is missing then users can also request the required movie.

  • Latest movies and tv shows
  • Users can request the content
  • High-quality content

  • Pirated content
  • Annoying ads


Movierulz with the dark-themed website is very popular among users because of its high-quality movies and TV shows. There is a huge variety to choose from and the easy user interface gives the users access to all of the latest movies displayed on the home page of the website.

Along with the tiles of movies the description of the movies is also provided so that users can easily decide what type of video to watch. The home screen provides various shortcuts to different genres and types of movies making it easier for users.

  • High-quality links
  • Dark themes
  • Wide range of movies and tv shows

  • Annoying ads
  • Delay In updating of links


Like other websites movie4u is a one-stop destination for movie lovers as it provides a very wide range of movies to choose from.

The home page provides various access to movies, users can find the movies from the alphabet tabs on the top of the home screen and on the right corner, you can navigate the movies according to the different genre like action, adventure, animation, crime, thriller, documentary and many more.

It also provides the link to top IMDB movies from which users can know about the trending movies and tv shows.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Wide variety of TV shows

  • Bright background


This bright user interface of bolly2tolly website is user-friendly and users can easily find the desired content on the website.

There is almost something for every person on the website as the website consists of a large variety of movies as well as TV shows, and there is everything for different moods of the users, all of the content is of high quality. You don’t have to pay anything for watching or downloading the content and also you don’t have to register or sign up to use the website.

  • Wide range of variety
  • Free content without sign ups

  • Too many ads


In a nutshell, Kuttyweb is a good website to watch and download the movies as well as tv shows, you don’t need any sign-up or register to use the services of the websites. At the same time, you must know that it serves the pirated content and it is not advisable to use such websites and instead of that, you must use the legal websites to watch movies.


We do not support any kind of piracy and neither support in the use of the pirated content and this article is for educational use only. Our Indian law abides us to do these unethical kinds of activities and there is a serious punishment for this crime.

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