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For all those manga fans out there Mangapanda is a renowned name for them. For those who are not familiar with manga or MangapandaManga is a Japanese word for comics or novels with pictures and it comes under different genres with a vast number of categories. So, it can be said that manga is preferred by children, adults and old age as well. This is the reason for the popularity of manga all over the world.

About Mangapanda

Mangapanda is a website that serves high-quality manga to readers all over the world. The services provided by the website is totally free, which means that readers do not need to pay anything to use the services of the website. There is also the function of sign-up which provides some of the extra features to the registered users that I will discuss in detail in this article.

The website has arranged manga in a simple categorized manner which makes it easier for the users to find the required manga. The user interface of the website is optimized which makes it easier for the users to use the website and to maximize the experience of the readers.

Features of Mangapanda

Well optimized

The user interface of the website is reader-friendly which helps to enhance the reading experience of the reader. When you open any manga then you can easily read that manga without any problem and there is no need to download any manga. There is also an option of bookmark which lets you bookmark your manga from where you last read.

You can also store your favorite manga in the favorite section and can also add any manga to your Read Later list.

Mobile friendly

The page of the website is mobile-friendly, which is a good option for mobile users. For those who love to read-only on mobile then you can easily read your favorite manga on the mobile-friendly website of Mangapanda. The pages are efficiently designed for mobiles as most of the users prefer to read on mobile because it is not possible to carry your laptop everywhere.

Large amount of genre

The website provides a huge amount of genre categories to satisfy the wants of the readers. For those who love to read the manga of different category then this feature would be very useful for those. if you get bored by reading manga only of one genre then there is also an option to choose more than one genre. By doing this the search engine will show those results which are compatible according to your chosen genre.

Advanced search

The website allows you to do an advanced search which will help in saving your time. It has various search modes and one of them is to choose from Manga or Manhwa. This means that whether you want to read from right to left or from left to right according to your ease. Moreover, you can also choose in the search option that if you want to read from an ongoing series or finished series. They also provide you the option of sorting order according to similarity, popularity and alphabetical order.


This feature is very helpful when you get bored during reading manga. You can go to the Hentai Games tab on the top and here you can find some of the amazing games based on story timeline. Some of the games are for adults so play it according to the situation.

Is Mangapanda down?

As the website serves the pirated content therefore the cybercrime authorities shut down the website. Again as all of these websites have their backup domains and similarly, this website also came up with a similar name after being shut down. These types of domains are harmful for your personal information as they can easily steal your personal information and can misuse it.

Why Mangapanda is down?

The website promotes piracy as they distribute manga totally free without any charges. It is possible because they produce unauthorized copies of Manga and thus distribute without the permission of the producer of the manga. To stop this piracy the cybercrime unit of the government has made the website shut. It is always advisable to use the legit websites to read your favorite manga and comics.

Is it safe to visit Mangapanda?

It is not very safe to visit mangapanda as it serves the pirated content. If you get caught while surfing the pirated content then you could be in serious trouble. Either you can be fined for reading the desired pirated content or you could also be punished. The cyber-crime unit is really trying hard to keep these types of websites off from the internet.

These websites contain some type of viruses and malware which might infect your device. These viruses steal your personal information and this information is further traded by the hackers online to earn money. The data is further misused by them.

Moreover, there are also a lot of advertisements which are annoying and disturb in between when you try to read any manga. Some of the ads also redirect you to other pages that are infected with harmful viruses that may harm your device.

How to safely visit Mangapanda?

Although I already told you that visiting these websites is harmful, but if you still want to visit these websites then you have to follow some of the measures.


Having a good antivirus is a must when you have to visit some of the unsecured websites. It will protect your device from harmful viruses and malware. This will keep your data safe and secure and will protect it from getting leaked. Make sure that your antivirus must be updated so that it could protect your device and always use a premium version of antivirus.


A good AdBlock is also very important as it will block all those harmful ads. It will help in bypassing those pop-up ads as well as redirecting ads. This will keep your device safe from all those harmful redirecting ads.


It is a very important tool when you are using some of the unauthorized or public networks. It helps in maintaining a secure connection by hiding the location of the device. This will keep off those hackers who are always trying to get into your personal information when using a public or unsecured network.


From all of the above information, you must have found that these websites are not secure to visit. All of the pirate content being shared on the website could put you in serious trouble. On the other hand, the website also provides a good collection of manga which is very huge. The interface of the website is also well optimized making it easier for readers to read their favorite manga. You can also play various games available on the website when being bored. Make sure that you take all of the effective measures before visiting these types of websites. It is always advisable to use legit websites to read comics and manga.


The content shared in this article is for educational purposes only. We do not support or promote these types of unethical activities. Doing piracy or even supporting them is a crime as the government of India forbids us to do or be a part of this unethical tasks. It is always advisable to use legit websites by paying the worthy amount of stuff you have been enjoying.

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