Top 10 most beautiful Ethiopian women

There is no denying that the women of Ethiopia are breathtaking. Ethiopian women are among the world's most attractive, thanks to their stunning physical features and refined demeanors. Below, we present a list of the top ten most stunning Ethiopian ladies.

10. Tahounia Rubel

10. Tahounia Rubel

Ethiopian news outlets report that on February 20, 1988, Tahounia Rubel was born in the city of Gondar. She has appeared on Israeli television and is a fashion model.

Tahounia Rubel is a well-known model and TV personality who is also a vocal supporter of many different causes. She has leveraged her status as a model to promote self-love and acceptance of one's physical appearance. She has also spoken out about being an immigrant and has campaigned for more tolerance toward them in Israel.

Tahounia Rubel is a devoted philanthropist who uses her fame as a model and TV host to help those in need through a variety of organisations.

9. Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede

Ethiopian-born Liya Kebede is a supermodel, actress, and activist. She has appeared on the covers of various high-profile publications around the world, such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle. In addition to being a fashion designer, she is an activist for maternal health.

8. Sara N

Sara Nuru

Model and talk show host Sara Nuru was born in Germany to Ethiopian parents. In 2008, she took first place on the German version of “America's Next Top Model,” and she became a household name as a result. Sara has dimples and is one of the sexiest women in the world.

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7. Eden Teni

Eden Teni

The diversity of cultures and races found in South Africa is sometimes overlooked. The Ethiopian people are a part of this group. Eden Teni, a model born in South Africa to parents of Ethiopian descent, is working to alter that. By highlighting the diversity of South Africans, Teni is helping to dispel the stereotype that all South Africans are white. She's changing people's minds about what it means to be South African by challenging preconceptions and opening up dialogue.

There are many influential people like Teni who were born in Ethiopia and raised in South Africa. Others are trying to improve access to learning, equality, and economic stability. In doing so, they are contributing to a brighter future for all people in South Africa.

6. Dina Fekadu

Dina Fekadu

After winning Miss Universe in 2006, Dina Fekadu went on to become a successful model and actress. She has been in a lot of movies and television shows, and her face has been featured on the covers of many magazines. Dina is well-known for her philanthropic efforts in addition to her career in show business. She's a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador who's done her best to bring attention to the situation of children in her home country of Ethiopia.

5. Sayat Demissie

Sayat Demissie

Sayat Demissie is a strong supporter of social concerns in addition to her job in the fashion and entertainment industries. She has been especially outspoken in support of women's rights. She took the role of the victim. Demissie said that students from Dembidollo University kidnapped her during an interview broadcast on EBS Show.

Demissie's contribution is crucial not only for Ethiopians but for all people of colour who are underrepresented in the media. Demissie is making strides toward a more varied and inclusive media landscape through her public advocacy for more diversity in representation.

4. LoLa Monroe

LoLa Monroe

One of the sexiest Ethiopian ladies in our list is LoLa Monroe, an American rapper, model, and actress who was born in Ethiopia. LoLa Monroe, whose real name is Angel Melaku, was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on October 23, 1986.

LoLa Monroe was born in Ethiopia, but she spent much of her childhood in other countries with her nomadic family. Because of this, she has lived in several countries, including the USA, Germany, and Japan. Because of this, she has a fresh outlook on life that shows through in her songs and her work. LoLa Monroe has tried her hand at modelling and acting in addition to her music career. She is a seasoned performer with credits in both music videos and on television. She has had a prosperous career in music, modelling, and acting thanks to her distinctive viewpoint and experiences.

3. Helen Getachew

Helen Getachew

Born on January 13, 1990 in Ethiopia; Helen Getachew is another Miss Universe in our list.

Helen Getachew, Miss Universe Ethiopia 2012, is undeniably stunning. Helen Getachew's hidden skill as a vocalist is a fact that few people realise. She is well-known for her career as a model and as the reigning Miss Ethiopia, which she used to represent her country at the Miss Universe competition in 2012.

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2. Hayat Ahmed Mohammed

Hayat Ahmed Mohammed

Hayat is a model and beauty queen who was born in Ethiopia in 1982. What's particularly fascinating about her is that she represented Ethiopia in a Miss World competition for the very first time.

Hayat was a smart and driven youngster all the way to her 2003 crowning as Miss World Ethiopia. Hayat has become an influential figure among Ethiopian women since she won the crown. She's used her fame to advocate for girls' education and a world without child brides. She has also done her part to spread information about the significance of using condoms and the dangers of HIV/AIDS.

Hayat is a true champion for women’s rights, and she is helping to make the world a better place for all women. See also; Top 10 hottest Muslim women in the world.

1. Mearg Magi Tareke

Mearg Magi Tareke

American supermodel of Ethiopian descent. In my opinion she is most beautiful among ethiopian women.

Mearg Magi Tareke is one of the most successful Ethiopian women models, and she's extremely stunning. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers and has walked the runway for numerous high-end designers. Her achievements are undeniable, but we must not lose sight of the fact that she is but one woman speaking for a much broader and more varied group.

The Ethiopian population is actually made up of a number of distinct ethnic groups, each with their own unique culture and traditions. While Ethiopia is often thought of as a single country, the reality is much more complex. This cultural richness is something that should be celebrated, as it is what makes Ethiopia such a special place.

Although I believe Mearg Magi Tareke to be an excellent example for Ethiopian women, it is essential to keep in mind that she is an isolated figure. There are plenty of other stunning and accomplished Ethiopian women who have made their mark in the world.

Some other most beautiful Ethiopian women includes;

Miss Intercontinental Africa 2009 and Miss Ethiopia World 2010 is Hiwot Assefa Tesfaye.

Yordanos Teshager: Ethiopian supermodel and one of the most beautiful Ethiopian women.

Tegest Mesfin: One of the Ethiopian most beautiful Ethiopian women who is a successful model.

Zeudi ArayaItalian actress of Ethiopian descent.

Maya Haile (most beautiful Ethiopian woman):

Maya Haile, an Ethiopian model, has appeared in ad campaigns for Givenchy, Dior, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few of the world's most prestigious fashion houses. She had a Dutch and Dutch-born upbringing despite being born in Ethiopia. She presently resides in Harlem, New York City, USA.

Maya Haile, one of the most stunning ladies in Ethiopia, founded the charity Three Goats Org. And after finishing college, she immediately began working as a student nurse in a hospital.

Gelila Bekele is the most beautiful Ethiopian woman:

Bekele, who has appeared on the covers and editorials of numerous high fashion publications like Vogue Italia and i-D, has been dubbed a “New Face” by some in the fashion world. Bekele has also tried his hand at acting and directing in movies.

Bekele is not just a popular model, but also a generous donor. Bekele was the sixth and final child born to a family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her parents both passed away while she was young: her mom when she was two and her dad when she was eight. So, Bekele and her siblings were brought up by their parents. Bekele did not have a carefree upbringing. Because she was a child in Ethiopia at the time of its political upheaval, she saw firsthand the devastation that poverty, disease, and war can do. Bekele remained steadfast in her pursuit of an education, despite the obstacles in her path.

To further her modelling career, Bekele relocated to the United States in 2005. She rose to prominence rapidly and by 2008 was one of the industry's top models. Bekele has tried his hand at acting as well as modelling. “Noir” (2020), “Anbessa” (2019), and “Full” (2019) are some of her most (2009).

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