Top 10 Most Beautiful Indonesian Women You Need To Know

Finding these stunning ladies, who are often only well-known inside their own nation, may be difficult. We've compiled a list of the 10 most stunning Indonesian ladies you're probably not aware of.


Beautiful and refined, Indonesian ladies have gained international fame. However, few people outside of Indonesia know about these ladies.

The purpose of this essay is to present you to some of the most stunning ladies from Indonesia. If you're into Indonesian culture or simply want to gaze at some stunning women, you won't be disappointed with these Indonesian ladies.

10 Most Beautiful Indonesian Women you’ve never heard of

Beautiful Indonesian ladies may be found all over the globe. Here are ten of Indonesia's most stunning beauties who are likely unknown to you.

These ladies are the most beautiful in all of Asia, yet you probably wouldn't recognise them. All of these talented performers, actors, and models have been nominated for a variety of attractiveness honours during the previous several years. This is not a list of the most gorgeous people ever, but rather a tribute to 10 stunning ladies whose stories you may find intriguing.

10. Raisa Andriana

Raisa Andriana

One of the most stunning Indonesian ladies is Raisa. Originally from Indonesia, she now resides in the United States. She's toured all around Indonesia and even done gigs abroad because to her impressive singing chops.

Raisa has also worked with other artists and published other albums. She inspires young women everywhere with her positive example, and her music spreads a message of kindness and compassion. Also, here are the 20 sexiest ladies of the year 2022.

9. Pevita Pearce

 Ines Putri

Pevita Pearce is a stunning example of Indonesian beauty. She entered this world in 1992, in the Central Javan town of Kendal.

At 16, she became a model, and now she is among the most well-known in the industry. Pearce has been featured in ads for luxury labels including Burberry and Michael Kors. She has done many TV advertisements for companies including Coke, L'Oreal, and Chevrolet.

Together with her husband, an Australian businessman named Oliver Pearce, Pearce is the proud mother of two young children. Pearce is an active participant in many humanitarian efforts in Indonesia and serves as a wonderful representative of the nation.

8. Luna Maya Sugeng

 Ines Putri

In addition to acting and singing, Luna Maya Sugeng is also a model and a fashion icon in her home country of Indonesia. Cinta Silver, Ruang, Jakarta Undercover, and Pesan Dari Surga are just a few of the films in which she has starred. The Citra Award for Best Leading Actress is only one of several honours she's received.

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7. Diandra Paramita Sastro

 Ines Putri

Among the most prominent Indonesian ladies is Diandra Paramita Sastro. She has worked as an actor, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. She is also a famous model in her own country of Indonesia. She made her modelling debut at the tender age of 13 when she was featured on the cover of Gadis, an influential Indonesian adolescent magazine.

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6. Qory Sandioriva

 Ines Putri

One of the most recognisable and gorgeous Indonesian ladies is Qory Sandioriva. She has achieved success in both acting and beauty pageants. Qory Sandioriva into the world on August 17, 1991, in Jakarta, Indonesia. During 2009, she was named Puteri Indonesia. As of right now, she holds the record for youngest Puteri Indonesia winner.

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5. Ines Putri

 Ines Putri

The Indonesian lady Ines Putri has widespread acclaim. She's a PGA tour player for real. She has earned renown for her formidable abilities and beautiful appearance.

Ines Putri has won many titles in Indonesian beauty pageants. She became the first Balinese woman to win Miss Indonesia, and she did it in 2012.

One of Indonesia's most accomplished female athletes is Ines Putri. In 2004, she represented Bali in the Pekan Olahraga Nasional, where she won both the gold and silver medals. For another list of gorgeous Hollywood actresses, check out our list of the top 20.

4. Gita Gutawa

Maria Selena

Gita Gutawa is a famous Indonesian musician. She's the recipient of many accolades, including 2007's Best Female Artist Astra Award and 2012's Best Popular Song Anugerah Musik Indonesia Award.

When it comes to music, Gutawa is revered for her heartfelt performances and lyricism. The fact that she draws so much of her inspiration from real-life events makes her songs very approachable to listeners.

Gutawa has also been an activist in the political sphere, speaking out against corruption and human rights violations in her own country. She has advocated for a referendum on presidential term limits and has been a vocal opponent of President Joko Widodo's government.

Singer-songwriter Gita Gutawa is an advocate for human rights in her native Indonesia. Her followers all around the globe love her because her impassioned music frequently reflects her personal experiences.

3. Kamidia Radisti

Maria Selena

Kamidia Radisti is a well-known model and actress in Indonesia. She has been in many box office hits. In 1984, Radisti entered this world in East Java, Indonesia. She competed in the 2007 edition of the Miss Indonesia pageant and ended up taking home the crown.

Once upon a time, Kamidia Radisti swam competitively. She began her career in the television industry as a host before making her film debut in 2008's The Shaman.

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2. Sherina Munaf

Maria Selena

The stunning Sherina Munaf is from Indonesia. Her career in modelling and acting began when she was a teenager, and it has flourished ever since. She has done a number of music videos, as well as advertisements and magazine spreads. One of the most sought-after Indonesian models, she has a flawless complexion, a sweet expression, and enviable curves.

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1. Maria Selena

Maria Selena

Maria Selena is regarded as one of Indonesia's most stunning female icons. She competed as Miss Indonesia in the Miss Universe 2012 competition after being named Puteri Indonesia 2011. Maria Selena is multitalented; she has also appeared in films. On numerous dating platforms, she is considered the most desirable woman in the world.

Who is on the list of “10 Most Beautiful Indonesian Women”.

Not only does Indonesia have an abundance of stunning ladies, but it also has one of the world's finest cultural traditions. The list below features some of the most stunning ladies in Indonesia, although obviously not all of them.

Beautiful Indonesian ladies may be found all over the globe. Some of the most attractive and well-known Indonesian ladies are on this list.

Among these ladies are some well-known faces in the entertainment industry. Some of the others are powerful women in politics or business. All of them, though, are really lovely. They're all the same since they originated in Indonesia.

Indonesian women are famous for their traditional clothing, their poise, and their participation in beauty pageants. The time spent on them will be well spent.

You haven't seen anything yet of the numerous stunning ladies that call Indonesia home. Others play crucial roles behind the scenes, yet some of them are well-known public figures. All of them, though, are really lovely.

Nirina Ratna Zandile Dlamin, the Deputy Director General for Communications at the World Bank, Dewi Fortuna Anwar, a doctor and activist, and Yenni Fatmawati, a businesswoman and humanitarian, are three of the most gorgeous Indonesian women you have probably never heard of.

How did they get on the list?

You haven't seen anything before now, yet Indonesia is home to some of the world's most stunning ladies.

The ladies on this list qualified because they fulfilled certain requirements. To begin, they needed to be suggested by readers of an Indonesian online magazine. Second, they were required to have a professional take their portrait. When everything was said and done, magazine subscribers cast their votes for their favourite images.

The findings are startling, since several lesser-known women made the cut. These attractive Indonesian ladies come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including those of singer, model, actress, and doctor.


There are more than 260 million people in Indonesia, thus there must be at least one stunning individual there. In this piece, we'll introduce you to 10 Indonesian ladies that may be unfamiliar to you but are as bit as beautiful as the Indonesian beauty queens you're already familiar with. These 10 ladies will fascinate and captivate you whether you're seeking for a morning boost of motivation or curiosity about the world's most populated country. So, why do you linger? The least we can do is look, so let's.

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