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There are a lot of options to watch and download movies over the internet but there are only some of the websites which provide the quality content.

In this article, I am going to tell you guys about one of these sites naming Moviespur.

Moviespur is the site which provides you the quality content along with various options like Hollywood, Hollywood dubbed, Bollywood, TV shows and songs. 


It is a one-stop destination for movies freak, whether you are a Hollywood freak or Bollywood lover you will find everything over here. Moreover, they also have updated episodes from various TV shows and a good collection of MP3 songs. Moviespur can also be considered as torrent site just like nextorrent.

The interface of the site is very user-friendly and easy to use, the white soothing background of the website is quite simple along with the simple aligning of all of the tabs. 

More about Moviespur

On the top of the home page, you will find out the latest added movies and updated episodes of the TV shows and series making it easy for the users to find the latest content.

In the middle of the page, you will find various options like latest Bollywood movies, latest Hollywood Dubbed movies, top-rated movies, evergreen Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies series, Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies, Bollywood movies, cartoon dubbed movies, TV shows in series, A to Z Bollywood MP3 Songs.

There is also an option of search bar from where you can easily search your desired movie, show or song.

The content served on the website is pirated which means that whenever any content is released in high quality the operator of the sites makes the pirated version of the content so that they can upload over the website.

Although, it is illegal to serve the pirated content because they use the content without the permission of its original producer and that’s why the government bans these sites but somehow these sites come up with other similar names. 

Is it safe to use Moviespur?

It is not very safe to use these types of websites because of various reasons.

Virus and Malware

some of the content of these types of websites contain various types of viruses and malware which would corrupt the personal data of the user when they get in contact with these. Some hackers also use viruses to steal the personal information from the device of the user which would be a threat to the users.


there are a lot of pop-up ads and various redirecting ads present over these sites which when accidentally clicked on they would redirect you to another page and is very annoying to use.

Pirated Content

We all know that it is illegal to use and serve the pirated content because our law forbids us to use and serve the content without the permission of the producer of the content. It is not advisable to use the pirated content because you might end up in serious trouble when caught. 

How to safely use Moviespur?

Although, you can take various measures which would help you to safely use the site, but these methods are not fully reliable.


A good antivirus is a must for the proper protection of your device as well as for your data. Antivirus helps to safeguard your data from both online as well as offline threats. It makes sure that none of the personal credentials goes into the hands of the hackers whenever you are using the internet. It is advisable that always use a good antivirus with a good subscription.


The advertisements on the website like these contains various malware which would affect your device, installing an ad blocker in your browser will help to block the annoying ads which would act as a hindrance in your entertainment. Although, the main income source of these sites is from the advertisements they display over their website, so they have various by-passers that would bypass the ad blocker and somehow would show you the advertisements and there you have to make sure that you do not click over these advertisements.


VPN helps you to secure your location because you are surfing the pirated content, it is advisable to use the VPN which would hide your location and it also protects you from various hackers that would steal your personal information whenever you are using an unsecured network. 

Main income source of Moviespur

The main source of income of the site is advertisements as they do not charge users for the content they provide and to survive they have to take help from advertisements. The more traffic on the website and more would be the number of clicks which means more chances of earnings. 

Why government blocks these sites?

The main reason for blocking these sites by the government is that they serve the pirated content. According to our Indian law, it is illegal to serve or use the content without permission from the original producer of the content.

As the government has banned these sites but they always have a similar domain which they use whenever any of the domain gets banned they come up with similar names. 

Effect of these websites on the film producers.

The piracy of the movies put a negative impact on the income of film producers. All of the investment and efforts they do during the making of any film goes to vain when the movie gets leaked in the early days of its release.

People want to watch high-quality movies but they do not want to pay for it. This is the reason which gives strength to these types of websites because they serve the high-quality content totally free of cost because of piracy.

On the other hand all of the income generated from the selling of the movie is widely effected by these websites. Resulting in low morale of the producers and huge losses.

Similar Sites of MoviesPur

There are various sites on internet like moviespur. Few of them are Tamilyogi, Tamilgun, Tamilrockers, Madrasrockers, Jiorockers, Kuttymovies, Moviesraja, 9xrockers, Isaimini and a lot more. No single website contains all the movies. We have to search for the desired movie whether it is available on the website or not.


In a nutshell, we can say that Moviespur is a great option to enjoy free and high-quality movies but they also serve the pirated content which is illegal. This puts a negative impact on the economy. 


It is illegal to use or serve the pirated content because our Indian law forbids us to do these unethical activities and it is a punishable offense. We do not support or recommend to use or serve any type of pirated content.

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