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Had a long day? Soaked in your own sweat by dint of whole day's work? Punctured? Are you? Look no further! You folks have come to the fitting place. Today we are going to grab you to clutch to the humdrum of a worthwhile engorging pace of latest movies! Moviesraja is the latest ringing of daily life.[no_toc]

What Moviesraja is?

A lion's share of the young generation, especially, know what Moviesraja is all about. If you are the one who lives under a rock and still don't know that Moviesraja actually is then, fret not, today I am here to reel off the ambiguity about it.

Moviesraja is basically a pirated torrent website famous for sharing original content. In a layman's language, it is a website that shares latest Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam movies in original and dubbed versions to keep language problem at bay. Here you can both download or stream online, original movies for free.

Moviesraja uploads recently launched movies in a maximum period of 1or 2 days. It is exceptionally popular among teenagers, college-going adults or even working generation. Probably the most relevant thing about Moviesraja is that it fixes you up with not only the latest movies but old movies too. In this way, it caters to almost each age group people.

Contemplating these numerable benefits of this site, it might not come as a surprise that it is quite eminent among movie lovers. Demand for this kind of portal sites is gaining daily, akin, to the sites namely, Tamilrockers, 9xrockers, Tamilyogi, Movierulz, filmywap and so on.

New links of Moviesraja

Owing to the fact that, govt keeps on deleting the URL of these kinds of sites from Google Index and from Indian ISPs, and the developers of these sites have to be on their toes always and have to constantly come up with new links in order to keep their fans satisfied and run their business without getting caught.

So, here I am handing over some of the new links for Moviesraja site.

  • Moviesraja.viz
  • Moviresraja.south
  • Moviesraja .trade

What kind of content do this site in copied version provide?

Moviesraja is an Indian site, which enables the users to download or stream online, movies at literally no cost at all. The moment you open this website, you will notice that all the movies are arranged in a very systematic manner in sections and subsections like language, years, old, new, etc.

You can even find any movie by typing its name in the search box. What is more, you can search for a particular movie by simply, searching by the name of artists or keywords, if you do not remember the full name of the movie that you wish to watch. Users can find almost any movie on Moviesraja, for the reason that, this site has a great collection of movies.

Moreover, if by some reason you cannot decide on the movie, you can always select a genre from the top-left icon. It provides you with different genres like thriller, comedy, drama, action, romance, sci-fi, etc.

How do Moviesraja earn?

Commenting on the earnings of this site, it earns from third-party ads. This is because Google never displays ads of its own on these sites. Earnings usually depend on the kind of traffic that these site of sites receive. It also earns a lofty amount of money from direct advertisement.

How much Moviesraja earn?

Although no one can strictly say about the earnings, still, we can judge the earnings based on the traffic they have. Based on the calculated values of the traffic and earnings per click we can say that site earns more than 6 lakhs a month. Since there is various kind of Ads so it can also be said that they earn this amount only by visitors click. PPD earning is additional to it.

Latest Movies on Moviesraja

As stated above, site tries to upload every single new released movies, TV shows, web-series on their website still there are a lot of movies on their site that attract users from time to time. The website tries to accumulate famous Malayalam movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood, South movies, Hindi Dubbed Hollywood and Hindi dubbed south movies on a regular basis.

How does Moviesraja teamwork?

The website is accessed and visited by many people , worldwide. All data is saved on the local server. When producers of the movies arrange pre-screening of their movie, team members from Moviesraja approach these producers and compensate them for allowing them to shoot pirated versions of the movie, once, it gets displayed.

How to download movies from Moviesraja website?

Here are the strides that you have to undertake while downloading any movie from this site;

  • initiate by clicking the link to the website followed by selecting your favorite movie from the section that you want to download it from
  • you will come across two options, that is to say, movie download and live stream option. Here, you can choose your favorite movie¬† based on size,¬† quality, and language,
  • Click on download
  • you will also come across links with choices regarding quality formats like 480p, 720p, 360p, 1020p, etc,
  • you will come across a link that will eventually take you to download link
  • and then you can download the movie with ease.

Sometimes, you might not come across any direct download links to download your movie. You might also encounter numerous ads which are quite irritating. These ads account for the major revenue of these sites. I concur that you will have to undergo some trouble while downloading movies from this site. But, once you go through the burning hell, there is light at the end of it. You will have your favorite movie in hand, without any cost. And I think that this prize is worth some agonies.

  • In the end, you will get the link to your movie and then you can enjoy your movies with your gobbling and munching, comfortably, at your own convenience.
  • Nonetheless, the time taken to download the movie depends solely on your internet speed.
  • Moviesraja in Hindi website also specifies how to download their movies.


Under the Indian rules and laws, piracy of any kind of original content is a punishable offence. This page is completely against any kind of piracy. The content mentioned above is only to inform you about various kinds of illegal activities that are prevalent. It does not promote any kind of piracy or any related activities. You are advised to refrain from illegal activities of these kinds.

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