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There are a lot of people who prefer to download content from torrent sites rather than from other sites. There are various reasons for this and one of them is that you can find almost any software, movies, series, videos, pictures, games, applications and many more in one place. Other than that you have to go to different sites to find all of these things differently.

That’s why most of the people worldwide prefer to download content from torrent sites rather than downloading it from other sites.

In this article, I am going to tell you guys about one of the leading torrent sites which is “Nextorrent”. Make sure that you read the article till the end.


Home page

As you can see that apart from torrent downloads there are various other options available on home page from which you can choose from. 

Various options available over Home page are:

  • Torrent download
  • Free chat sites
  • Imagenes de Carros(car images)
  • Share large files
  • File sharing services
  • Online file sharing
  • Business file sharing

On the top right corner of the page you can find the search bar where you can easily type and search the type of content you want.

Torrent download

Under this tab, you can find almost every torrent file which you want to download, ranging from movies to software anything.

If you are new to torrent sites then you might find difficulty in downloading as to download from torrent sites you need to install extra software which are called “client”. That hook up to seeders and leechers and make your download possible. You need to copy the magnet link of the file in the new download tab of the downloading software. You can use various software like free downloader manager, BitTorrent, transmission, Utorrent etc. 

Free chat sites

These are the sites which provide you services like chatting and dating with strangers, making this site entertaining apart from movies and videos. 

Imagenes de Carros(car images)

This tab will provide you images related to cars, the image quality of the images is very high and can be used for setting wallpaper for your device. 

Share large files

Nextorrent also provides you services like sharing large files which allows you to share large files with other users. Making it easy for users to share and receive files in one place. 

File sharing services

This tab is the same as the last tab but the difference is that the former tab was providing service of sharing large files but under this tab you can share almost every type of file to other users. 

Online file sharing

It is an online platform making it possible to share are receive files in real-time for the users. The easy and friendly user interface of the site makes it easier for the users to share the files online.  

Business file sharing

Under this tab, you can easily share business-related files to other business accounts. This business to business file sharing service is very helpful to the users.

How does torrent work?

Downloading from torrent sites is different from downloading through other sites. Downloads from regular sites come from a single server or source whereas when you download files from torrent sites it breaks the file into small little packets, these packets are called seeders. These packets are shared from those computers which are downloading the same file that you are downloading and these are called leechers, which are different parts of the same file that you are downloading.

This means that it acts as a small server at the same time, this includes downloading and uploading at the same time. This would result in less stable and slow downloads.

Those who have slow internet might face the issue of interruptions while downloading the file but those who have fast downloads might not face these types of issues. 

How safe is to download from torrent?

It is not fully secure to download the content from torrents. However, it is more safer to download from torrent rather than downloading from the normal sites.

There are chances that sometimes there could be viruses in the file which you are trying to download and that might harm your device. These types of viruses and malware are made so that they can steal the personal data of the user and also infect the device.

Also, the content available on the torrent sites is mostly pirated and this is a crime in most countries to use the content without taking permission from the original producer.

This is also the reason that torrent sites get banned by many of the governments because piracy has cost a lot to the film making industry. Their hard work is getting distributed on the internet without their permission.

As the governments are blocking these types of sites but these sites always comes up with a similar type of name and continue their work. 

How to safely download from these sites?

There are some measures that can be taken before downloading any file from a torrent website.

The first and most important tool which you must have installed in your device is a good antivirus that is updated and valid.

Antivirus helps you to block the virus from the various sources to which you might get in contact while downloading the file from torrent. Antivirus provides you protection both from online and offline sources. These viruses can harm the device of the user.

Secondly, you must have a VPN extension installed into your browser which would protect you from various hackers that would steal your private information and might also use your device for illegal work. VPN also hides your location which means that if you are visiting illegal sites then it would also help you to be safe in that condition.

Thirdly an Adblocker is also must for your device because the ads present on the home page of torrent sites contain various types of malware and if accidentally gets clicked then it may bombard your screen with different ads containing malware. So it is important that to block these ads you must install an Adblock on your device. 


In a nutshell, torrents are a good platform to share files and with the help of proper tools, you can safely download from torrent sites.

You must know that using torrent is legal but sharing the copyright content without taking permission of its original producer is illegal and would be taken as a crime.

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