Nomad Power System Review 2020 (SCAM or Legit)

Hello guys, today in this article I will be providing all of the necessary details regarding Nomad power system and will also review that the things it has been claiming.

Whether is it a Scam or Legit?

Before we start, there are some questions like:

  1. What will you do in case of any disaster or natural calamity?
  2. What would be the situation in any case of a blackout?
  3. Are you fed up with your high electricity bills?

You always need a constant energy source that does not put an impact on your pocket and when you search over the internet for renewable energy sources the result that would be on top always shows SOLAR POWER PLANT but the main problem with solar panels is that they are too expensive and also have a high maintenance cost. I don't think that most of us can afford the high cost of Solar power plants but if we consider about Nomad Power system by Hank Tharp who claims that it only takes less than $300 to set up this system and the maintenance cost is negligible.

With the rising prices of electricity, everybody is looking for alternatives that would help to cut out the electricity bills.

What is Nomad power system program?

It is a program that comes to you in a digital format when you buy this program and it provides all of the necessary details that will help you in building your own power plant at your home. The material required for building this power plant is easily available and if you have worked on some similar projects in the past. Then you would probably have them in your garage. These materials are as follows:

  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Sprockets
  • Ring gears
  • 2 pinions
  • Bio-mass gasifiers

Even if you don’t have these materials. You can order these online on websites like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Flipkart, etc or you can buy these from your nearby hardware store.

Who is Hank Tharp?

From above you already know that Hank Tharp is the creator of this program. He created this program after personally witnessing the longest and most terrifying blackout in American history. After that, he started researching to make a brilliant program that would help people in emergencies like this. He also tried to keep this program as simple as possible. So that a common man would not suffer in making their own power plant.

Features of the program

Rotational conversion:

In simple it means that you can churn out required amounts of energy and it maximizes the usage of waste material to make gas which can be later on used to make electricity. The idea of this rotational conversion is derived from the perpetual motion theory which means that it would require less or negligible external energy to produce electricity.

User-friendly program layout:

To build this power plant you wouldn’t require an engineering background. The layout in this program is so detailed and every step has particular diagrams, pictures that provide an easily understandable by a common person.

Less expensive and economical:

The material required for building this program not very expensive and you will not require any expertise help from professionals which will bring down the cost of the build to a very affordable price. As it does not consume any fossil fuels like petrol and diesel which can be a great money saver for the places where the prices of petrol and diesel are quite high. Even a normal person can build this within a short span of time as the manual is very clear and specific.

Environment friendly:

Unlike many heavy-duty power plants that create a lot of noise and air pollution which is not good for both human health and environment, this miniature power plant produces no sound and also not releases greenhouse gases which are the major cause of global warming which makes it safe in many ways.

Low maintenance cost:

This mini power plant has zero maintenance costs. All that is needed to ensure is that all the gears are working properly after a month or two.

Good power supply:

This mini power plant is only small in size but in terms of power supply, it surpasses conventional power generators. According to the tests it provides two or three times more power than normal generators.

Bonus programs:

After having these many advantages, you will feel like this is the end but it's not, this manual also provides some bonus programs.

Flash with chargeable 10,000mAh battery, plans for coil generator, making food with solar energy, constructions of an alternator, construction of the greenhouse, the procedure to make batteries yourself, magnetic free energy device encyclopedia.


Pocket friendly especially in the matter of equipment cost.

Easy to understand manual, as does not require any professional skills.

The program can be constructed in only a few hours, which also saves time.

Portable and can be transported easily everywhere. Due to its small size.

Low maintenance cost

Due to its digital accessibility, it can be accessed from any location which makes it very handy.

It cuts your power consumption up to 60 % which makes it a great money saver without spending $20,000-$30,000 on solar panels and other things.

Two months money-back guarantee.


Apart from having so many advantages this program have lagged in some areas like as the program is available online you will require an internet connection all the time to access the program which can be somewhat problematic

Despite being perfectly detailed this program does not provide video tutorials. As some people prefer practical knowledge over book reading.

Why you should consider this program

As we all know the modern world greatly depends upon the energy which it works on, if this energy or power supply is interrupted it creates a huge impact on our day to day life.

Our all home appliances mainly work on electricity so during any type of power cut or crisis you will be ready if you set up this mini power plant in your backyard. There are also some programs out there like this, but they lack specificity and the level of detail. So, this is a perfect for you even if you struggle in DIYs.

Is it worth the money?

For the time being, let’s look at the other options like solar panels, heavy-duty power generators. First, this solar panel, big power plants can hit you hard as approximately solar panels can cost you up to $30,000 or more and big power plants consume a good amount of fuel which can be very costly in countries where the price of fuel is very high. Second, solar power plants only can be productive in the areas where the sunlight bright which makes it vulnerable in some cases.

But not this NOMAD POWER SYSTEM you can construct this power system in less than $300. It’s a deal where you get everything (detailed steps, diagrams, easy to understand instructions) in just a small amount and even if you didn’t like the program. Then don’t worry this program comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. So, it’s worth trying. Also, the customer care is very good. Also, they provide a refund of your money without questions.

So, I would recommend this as it’s worth one try.

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