The Top Hottest Players Currently Playing in the NFL

Over the last decade, several new initiatives have been introduced to increase the entertainment derived from the NFL games to satisfy more fans of the sport.

People watch NFL games for different reasons. While it is a major attraction for fans of the sport, several side attractions make Thursday night football odds worthwhile.

One of these side attractions, not usually discussed in the limelight,  is NFL players’ physical looks and attraction.

The physical looks of NFL players have been an avenue through which several new entertainment and business initiatives have been introduced to the NFL. This means that the NFL has found a way to attach value to the physical attributes of footballers.

The important question is – what is this value, and how is it being explored by the NFL?

What physical looks and attributes mean to the NFL

The NFL game can be a literal show of strength. The fitness conditioning, diet, and other strict regimens of NFL players significantly contribute to their physical sharpness on and off the field. Footballers are required to be at the best physical fitness levels.

In terms of value, The NFL is tapping into football players’ physical looks and attributes to sell ‘sexy.’ Selling ‘sexy’ may be impossible on the field. When NFL fans gather to discuss Thursday night football tonight odds, some do not select odds from available data but base their selections on the players they find attractive.

However, off the field, on TV, in stadiums, on billboards, and via social media, the physical attributes of NFL players are invaluable to selling NFL fashion. Beauty/lifestyle brands are collaborating with the NFL and its footballers to promote their brands.

As a franchise, the last decade yielded impressive statistics for NFL fashion because the NFL started tapping into the physical looks of its players. Physical attributes have become a major selling point for any brand interested in capitalizing on the NFL’s popularity.

On the part of footballers, many are fully aware of the new opportunities their physical looks can offer. Every player desires to land huge deals from their influence and looks, if possible. This has helped in promoting a strict fitness culture among NFL players.

NFL players with top physical qualities

Selecting football players in the NFL with the best physical qualities is an arduous task. Physical attraction and other indices surrounding a player’s physical looks may be subjective.

Handsome players are not scarce in the NFL. But choosing NFL players with top physical qualities is based on their brand value, which has been explored in recent times by the NFL and its collaborators.

In no particular order, the NFL players with top physical qualities are:

Tom Brady

Brady is regarded by many as the GOAT of American football. However, his top player status is not only tied to his exploits on the field. Tom Brady has always been a big star outside of football circles for his attractive looks. He has featured in several TV shows and programs.

Tom Brady’s earnings outside of football have been very impressive. His appeal is quite strong in areas where the NFL’s popularity is not firmly established. Brady has also worked with several brands, including his brands, in promotional endeavors in food, automobile, sportswear, perfume, bedding, and many other industries over the years.

J.J Watt

J.J Watt has been a prominent figure in film and television. Watt’s towering figure makes him one of the standout NFL players on and off the field.

Justin Watt is one of the best Defensive Ends in the NFL’s history. Additionally, he is a leading figure in commercial circles.

Besides making money because of his physical attributes and good looks, Watt supports many charity initiatives through his foundation and other collaborative efforts. Watt also supports fitness, education, relief, and other brilliant endeavors.

Jimmy Garoppolo

30-year-old Jimmy Garoppolo plays as a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. The American is one of the fan favorites NFL players. In 2019, he helped his team, the 49ers, earn the best record in the National Football Conference. He is regarded as one of the hottest NFL players in many such compilations on the internet.

Garoppolo’s chiseled jawline and other attractive physical qualities make him one of the most attractive footballers in the NFL. Jimmy Garoppolo has featured in several commercials for the NFL and brands, including Subway, TravisMatthew, etc.

Russell Wilson

Russell plays as a quarterback for Denver Broncos. He is among the most sought-after NFL players for his good looks. Wilson has a whole retinue of marketing endorsements with top brands in different sectors.

Wilson has been featured on the cover of several magazines. He is a popular figure for sports, fitness, and men’s health initiatives.

Russell Wilson has been a significant flag bearer for the NFL in its global expansion goal. He has also worked to promote American football in Asia, South America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Wilson’s marriage to Ciara makes him one of the most popular NFL players in entertainment circles.

Jaire Alexander

Jaire Alexander is another NFL star who gets the fans, especially ladies, in a frenzy because of his good looks. He plays as a cornerback for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. Jaire Alexander has one of the most lucrative and mouthwatering deals in the NFL with several commercial partners in fashion, sports, and media.

The 25-year-old American is one of the young players making a good name for himself in the NFL. Jaire Alexander is banking on his brilliant performances on the pitch. His good looks grab his audience’s attention and direct them toward sales for brands.

Many NFL players realize that their physical appeal is a great business asset. Following the examples of the players listed, more footballers are beginning to pay closer attention to the value their physical attributes create. They are putting in great effort to deliver good performance on the pitch.

For many of them, building a solid brand value through their physical looks will yield more dividends for them many years after they retire from playing in the NFL.

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