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The internet is full of websites and torrents that serve the movies and TV shows, but it is very difficult to find those sites that provide high-quality content and are easily downloadable just like putlocker9.

If you are one of those who are in confusion about which website you must use to watch and download movies and tv shows then this article is for you because in this article I am going to describe one of the leading websites named “putlocker9”. 

So if you want to know everything in detail about putlocker9 then please read the article till the end. 

What is Putlocker9?

Putlocker9 is a torrent site that provides you almost every content regarding Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies, It also provides you various tv shows and web series.

All of the content is in high quality and it provides a large variety to choose from. This website provides you latest movies and series within the early days of their release, and that too in HD quality. This is one of the reasons that people love putlocker9 more than any other sites.

The interface of the website is user-friendly and users can simply use the website without any registration and there is no need to do any signup, the services are totally free to use.

There is one more thing to consider that these sites provide the pirated content, which means that all of the content is being copied and used without the permission of their original producers. This is a punishable offense as our Indian law forbids us to do these types of unethical activities. This is the reason that it is banned by many countries but there are some methods by which you can use this site and know about it read the article till the end. 

About Putlocker9 App

For smartphone users who love to watch movies and web series on phone, there is also an application of putlocker9 for android devices. This app is easily available on the internet and users can simply download the apk file and can install it on their mobile phones.

Somehow this app performs better than the actual website in many ways, it could be the interface of the app or the downloading speed, both of them performs better than the website and is a positive point for smartphone users.

Downloading from the putlocker9 app is way easier than downloading from the actual website because the pop-up ads are very limited in comparison of the original putlocker9 website, it makes user experience annoying when they are using the website because the number of ads is too much and they can spoil the mood of the users.

Alternatives of Putlocker9

Alhtough there are thousands of website like putlocker9 to watch movies and it is difficult task to listout all the websites still few of them can be Tamilrockers, TamilYogi, Tamilgun, Movierulz ms, Kuttymovies, Moviesraja, 0123movies, Stream2watch, Anilinkz, 9xrockers, 9xmovies etc.

How safe is it to use Putlocker9?

The answer is, no it is not very safe to use these kinds of websites and there are many reasons for that.


as you all know that all of the content available on this site is totally pirated and in many of the countries it is illegal to do piracy of any content. So you might get into serious trouble if you get caught while using the pirated content. However, there are very fewer chances for getting accused of using the pirated content but you must not take any chances.

It is always advisable to watch the movies in cinemas or use the paid platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, hotstar, etc.


There are lot of ads which pop up when you visit the website and when you accidentally click over them it takes you to another page and chances are that these pages contain lot of viruses and malware that would infect your device and can steal the personal information of the user, this information can be further traded off for money. This is also one of the reasons to not use these types of websites.


There are some chances that you might get into contact with hackers when using these sites, if this happens then it would be really bad for you guys. Hackers can hack into your device and can use your personal information and device for unethical purposes and you would be getting into serious trouble for that. 

How to safely use Putlocker9?

There are some measures which could be taken while using these types of websites but they are not fully secure.


This is one of the most important application in your computer as well as mobile phone, it will protect your device from many types of viruses as well as from malware, thus helping in keeping your data safe from the thieves which are always ready to steal your personal information and data. This will also help you to secure your passwords from the hackers that might use your device for their evil purposes.


It is important to have an ad block extension in your browser as it would help to block the unnecessary ads that would always annoy the users and would pop up at any time between watching videos and some of the ads would also redirect users to the other pages which could contain viruses that might harm your device.


Using a VPN has many benefits, it will help to keep the location of the user secret as you would be surfing the pirated content and it will also protect you from the various hackers when you are using any public or any unsafe network. 

How do these sites earn?

These sites do not charge anything from the users for their entertainment services but they have to earn, so they take the advantage of the advertisements that they display over their pages and they charge according to the number of traffic and number of clicks over the advertisements.

Sometimes these sites also trade the information of the users to various other companies in return for money. 

Why government blocks these types of sites?

The main reason for blocking these sites by the government is that they use and serve the pirated content. This piracy puts negative impact on the economy of the country, the producers invest their time, money, and efforts in producing the film but piracy leads to face the various losses to them, they feel disappointed and cheated and to stop this the government usually block or ban these sites but it is all in vain as these sites always comes up with new similar names.


Putlocker9 is a great website which provides great quality content and totally free, also they provide an app for android smartphones so that mobile phone users can use the app for the entertainment purpose.

Although there are security issues while using these sites and moreover they use pirated content that puts the negative impact on the economy of the nation. It is advisable for the users to always watch movies in theatres or from the official partners of the movies and tv shows like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Hotstar and many more.


This article is for educational purpose only. We do not support in any kind of activity related to piracy as according to our Indian law it is a punishable offense to use or serve the content without the permission of the original producer and is truly unethical.

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