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Due to lack of time because of the hectic and busy schedule of our life, we are not able to go to cinemas occasionally whenever a new movie gets released, but there are so many other options by which we can watch movies at our ease.

In this article, I am going to discuss about Sockshare which is one of the leading websites that provides many movies and TV shows at a single click. However, these types of sites are banned by many governments in the world. So, these sites keep changing names whenever it gets banned.


Sockshare act as a platform where we can find any type of movies, tv shows, web series, anime etc. this site does not host any content on their servers but instead, they act as a medium where people can search movies or any show and they get various links for that particular movie or show. These are the links where a user can either watch that particular movie or they can also download that. The interface of the website is quite user-friendly, we can easily navigate to our favorite content with the help of index or search window.

How does this site work?

It is quite simple, user can find any type of movies, tv shows, web series, anime which suits best to them. There are so many filters through which we can filter the required content. We can search according to the various genre, according to popularity or according to date of release. This site provides the latest content which would satisfy the needs of the user. They do not hold or store any of the content instead they provide you with all types of links with various resolutions that suit the users need.

Type of content available

There is every type of content available on this site. Whatever best suits the mood of the user, they can get over here. It could be a recently released movie, however during early release dates of movie there are only CAM prints available on-site and HD prints are updated later on. If we talk about tv shows, one can also find every tv show over here and in some cases, we can also find pre-released episodes.

Other than these, many web series and anime are also here. If we talk about the premium content which is paid on various other sites, you can also get here various links that provide you all of these free of cost.

How safe is Sockshare?

These type of sites are not very safe, it is so because the type of content they serve is mostly pirated. The pirated stuff is banned in various countries and it would be trouble in some of the countries if they find out about the streaming of pirated stuff. Also, there are many popup ads that are all over the page of the site, there are viruses in this type of advertisement which would harm or can have access to the personal data of the user. Due to all of the above reasons the government has banned these types of sites

However, if you have a strong VPN and a good antivirus then it is somehow safe to surf these sites. After all, they are providing free content.

Effect of sites like Sockshare on the economy

These types of sites put a bad impact on the earnings of film producers. Many people watch new movies on these type of sites instead of going to cinemas. This degrades the revenue of these filmmakers and producers which would occur from the sale of tickets. All the hard work of actors, directors, and producers goes in vain when people reach to pirated stuff instead of watching these movies in theatres.

Why the government blocks these types of sites?

The government blocks these types of sites due to enormous reasons. First of all, piracy is considers as a crime in various countries and these types of sites either provide pirated content or provides a link to pirated content.

Moreover, these sites are filled with enormous popup ads and most of these pop-ups contain viruses by which they can steal the personal data of the user.

Similar sites or alternatives of sockshare


It is basically an app that can be installed both on android and computer. It provides all of the latest content of movies and tv shows. Sometimes you have to face various lags while surfing through this site.


Same as popcorntime, Teatv is also an application that runs both on android and pc. You can watch any type of content on it. The user interface is also very easy and time saver and it also suggests various kinds of movies and tv shows based on our previous searches and watch history.


This site is also very popular for its latest content they are providing. However, most of the content is pirated on this site and there is a lot of advertisement on this site. One has to dodge many types of advertisements to play any movie or tv show.


On this site, you can also find all type of new stuff. With a free membership, you can watch content on 720p quality and also there is a lot of advertisement on this site. However, if you subscribe to its paid membership then you can stream movies on 1080p quality and can also download the content.


It is one of the oldest sites that is still entertaining its users. The interface of site is very simple and easy, also there are very less advertisement on this site. There is only one drawback that some of the content are not available in HD or1080p quality.


It is considered one of the best alternative for sockshare because of its similar interface and user experience. There is no registration required to watch content over this site. Also this site provides you information about the content you want to watch. However, there are lot of advertisement over this site.


If you like to watch anime then this site is for you. It is one of the popular site to watch anime movies, tv shows, and manga. You can watch any type of anime content over this site free of cost. There so a need for registration is required. You can also read manga over this site.

How to safely surf sockshare?

First of all, you must ensure that you have a safe internet connection. You can also use a good VPN for safe browsing.

Secondly, good antivirus software is a must to safely surf these types of websites. This antivirus protects you from various type of theft viruses that are commonly present over these types of sites, by this your personal information would remain safe.

Thirdly, you should avoid clicking over various popup ads that are present all over the page.

How do sockshare earn money?

The main earning of sockshare comes from advertising, those popup ads we see all over the page pay enough amount to sockshare to remain on the site. The various types of ads are direct ads, affiliate link ads, redirecting clicking ads, popup ads.

Sometimes, when we download any movie from these type of sites these sites automatically downloads any type of software to user’s pc. These kinds of softwares are full of malware and can harm the user's device.

Some of these sites would also ask the user to install any particular type of software which would make the users experience seamless and without any lags but again these software are full of advertisement and would bombard user’s device with enormous advertisement making the experience very annoying and uneasy.

However, we can also use various types of ad blockers which would block many of the annoying ads. We should also keep in mind that these sites have various measures of bypassing the ad blockers as they depend on only these types of advertisements for their earning.


We don’t support these kind of sites. This article is only for information purpose, we don’t support or promote any kind of pirated stuff. As according to our law it is illegal to provide or support the pirated stuff.

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