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Had a long day at the office? Feeling tired? Yipee!! It’s weekend time. Finally, you decide to watch a movie and enjoy your weekend but then you suddenly realize that watching a movie isn't too easy. It’s going to cost you a hole in your pocket. So, what you can do in this option? Thinking of doing Netflix and chill is a great option but that doesn't come free also. In this case, you can rely on Suchileaks.

What is Suchileaks?

You must be thinking of this question. Aren't you? Such a different name. Even you must've never heard of it. Let us help you guys. Suchileaks is one of the oldest and trustful torrent websites.

No, as going by the law of our country torrenting is not legal. But what? Either be ready for that hole in your pocket or you can just enjoy the best web series and movies from around the world for free.

Which type of content do you find on Suchileaks?

You can find different variety of content on Suchileaks like:

  • Latest Bollywood Movies
  • Latest Hollywood Movies in English and Hindi dubbing both
  • Latest Punjabi Movies
  • Latest Tamil and Telugu Movies
  • Other languages content also like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and Malayalam, etc..

Features of Suchileaks

Searching about the link of any movie, web series, software, the song is the easiest thing you can do on this site. The creators of this site had made this site so easy to understand that anyone can easily use it. For example, you can search the movie by just only putting its actor name in the search bar and the search engine will show you all the movies related to that actor. Also, you can search for songs, movies, web series, software easily. You can search them by filtering artists, genre, year and much more.

How does the owner of Suchileaks earn?

Well, you must be thinking that the owner of this site is a great human who is doing charity of movies, web series, and software for free but the reality is he/she not. They earn by us. When we visit a site or download anything from their site, they use to get pay for it. They also earn by putting a different variety of advertisements on their site. When a visitor on their site open that advertisement link, the Suchileaks get paid for it.

How much Suchileaks earn?

Although it is hard to estimate the amount made everyday by Suchileaks team. According to our study, we can say that the team of Suchileaks earns more than 5 lakhs per month by just Advertisement.

How can you download movies, songs, web series and software from Suchileaks?

It is very easy to download any of the above things from Suchileaks.

  1. All you need to do is just search the movie or web series name in the search bar. The search results will show up.
  2. Then click on the link you like and page of torrent link related to that movie or web series will open.
  3. Now, there in the side of the name of the link you will find a symbol of a magnet (known as magnet link) and of arrow downwards (known as download link).
  4. Click on any of the links from both and it will directly start the download in your torrent app.

In this way, you can download anything from Suchileaks.

Which type of file formats you can find on Suchileaks?

You may find most of the file format on Suchileaks easily. Like in the case of movies you will .mp4, .avi, .mkv from lowest quality to highest quality. The movies quality ranging from 360p to 4k, you can download the movies in any of the quality. For songs, you can find formats like .mp3, .flac and much more. You can also find software for Windows and Mac both on Suchileaks.

Is Suchileaks site is safe?

Yes, it is safe and trustful when used with a VPN connection and good anti-virus installed on your system.

Because of the government blocking these sites on a frequent basis, the owner needs to change the domain of it.

How these sites are unsafe to browse?

The reason behind the blocking of these sites by the government is really simple. This type of sites shows many ads on them and out of those ads many of them contain virus which can harm your system. Also, when a virus enters your system it can leaks your data to the hacker who widespread that virus.

Why the government blocks these type of sites?

One more reason behind the blocking of these sites is that it affects the business of movie producers. Affecting the business hereby means that the producer uses to invest millions in the movie to produce and then the sites like Suchileaks use to put the movie online for free within the same day after the movie is released in cinemas. So, when a person gets the latest movie for free online without going to the theatre and can watch it by sitting at home for free why he/she will spend a lot of bucks at the theatre.

Alternatives of Suchileaks

There are a lot of websites that provide pirated stuff just like suchileaks. Actually, all websites are opened with the aim of popularity and few have a passion for collecting these kinds of stuff and these websites allows users to watch or download with ease. Example sites are Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Tamilmv, Tamilyogi, Movierulz, fmovies, 0123movies, moviesraja, Katmovies, 9xrockers, etc.

Few other torrent websites are:

Yes, there are many safe and legal ways to watch/download movies. But for those ways, you need to shed the money from your pocket. And, those ways you know well Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and many more streaming apps will ask you to take a subscription from them to watch their content. There are many other ways also like wasting your time on google by searching “watch the latest movies for free” or instead you can directly get a movie from Suchileaks. Master is you of your decisions. The choice is yours. Spend your time wisely.


If you are a person who either knows the value of money or you are misers, then Suchileaks is a great site to download movies for free of cost. But we would suggest you to open this type of sites at your own risk.


Watching or downloading pirated content is illegal. We do not promote any such activities. This article is for information purpose only. If founded by the government doing this offense you can be fined.

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