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There are many sites available over the internet which serve the latest news regarding the world but there are very few websites that provide the news in regional languages.

Thatstamil is one of those few websites that provide the news in different regional languages. This website publishes almost every type of news. The news is presented in various different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, and English news, etc.

Thatstamil is also known as OneIndia Tamil news and it is the subdomain of the original website. There are more than a million users of the website every month and from this, you can imagine how famous is this site among the users. The news section is very diverse, and they provide the news related to viral news, world news, cinema news, lifestyle news, vehicle news, business news, sports news, city news, and many more.

About Thatstamil 2020

Thatstamil 2020 is a news hub that focuses only on the youths. It covers the news only related to movies and sports. These sections are related to movies and sports are widely described in the Tamil language as the website focuses mainly on the audience that belongs to the Tamil youth. They know that the major of the users of the website belong from the youths and to target these users the content is provided according to that.

The interface of the website is user-friendly and easy to use, they describe every movie in detail that has been recently released and the reviews are provided in an honest manner without any biases and along with this they also provide the rating to movies by their critics. Special attention is provided to news related to the entertainment industry.

Content available on Thatstamil

Thatstamil sports section

This is most popular than any other section as we all know that youth are crazy for cricket and football and based on that live updates are also provided on the ongoing match of cricket or football and many other sports. They also have a YouTube channel and they upload the exciting moments of the live matches in the form of short videos on their YouTube channel. They have more than a million subscribers on their YouTube channel named as Thatstamil. The website provides live scoring which means that if you are working and don’t have enough time to watch your favorite match then you can opt for live scoring giving you the real-time updates and this way you will not miss the match.

Thatstamil trending section

Under this section, they provide the trending news a way lot faster than the other media and that’s why the people prefer thatstamil. It provides the news in Tamil and that too on a prompt basis which a big deal for Tamil people. It is one of the leading and biggest news providers in the Tamil region and that’s why it has more than 2 million searches on Google every month which is a quite impressive figure. They keep the readers up to date with the trending topics from all over the world and with the local news also.

Thatstamil local section

If you are thinking that being a website that covers the worldwide news in Tamil language will not have any content related to local affairs, then you must visit the local section of the website.

Yes, the website also covers the news related to local matters, the media coverage of the website is more than any of the local news channel. They prioritize the news that are related to local villages and small cities and not like those news channels that only provides the news related to metro cities.

Thatstamil live TV section

For those who do not like to read the news article because they feel too lazy to read, Thatstamil also provides the service of live TV to these users.

With the help of live TV, users can simply choose the news and headlines they want to watch. This platform is widely preferred by the users as it is so convenient to use the services and watch the news.

Thatstamil image section

This section is also very popular among the users as when getting bored of reading news, users can find various images related to Bollywood, Hollywood, and other film industry-related images. Upcoming projects, images from daily life of stars and other personal images of the celebrities. Images of famous places to visit all over the world are also available in this section.

Thatstamil politics section

As we all know politics are always trending in our country and people want to know about what is happening in politics that’s why this section has a wider area of news than any other section. The news related to politics is described in an actual manner rather than beating the bushes.

Thatstamil business section

If you click on this tab then it would redirect you to another domain that has news related only to the business. If you talk about the economy of the world or our country, you will find everything over here. Stock market share market and news related to other funds you will find everything under this section. The page is very beneficial for those who always want to invest their money in some profitable organization.

Is it safe to visit the website?

Yes, it is safe to visit the website but for the safer side, you must always install a good antivirus with an active subscription along with an Adblocker extension on your browser. However, there are not a lot of ads over the website and most of the ads are from google ads firmware and it is not a case of worry, but you must always be a step ahead safer. Who knows that the viruses developed by hackers might infect your device and it will be a situation of greater risk to your personal data?

Although, there are no such cases of virus attacks detected from the website.

Pros of website

  • Very diverse area of news covered.
  • The news is legit and no fake news is promoted over the website.
  • News is covered from all over the world along with the local and small-town news.
  • Along with news, there are also a lot more activities available over the website to do.

Cons of the website

  • It is only for those people who are able to read the Tamil language.
  • There is no such option of translation available over the website, so that users who don’t know Tamil language could read the article in other languages.


In a nutshell, Thatstamil is a good website to keep up to date regarding the news related to the world and also from the local villages and small towns. The website is only for those who can understand and read the Tamil language and this a drawback for other users. There are a lot of sections available on the website that covers the sports, business, live TV, trending, politics and many more making it a one-stop website for multiple users preferring different choices.

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