Three Popular Search Engines

Do you understand how search engines work? Do you need to understand how they work? If you’re running a website or wanting to design one for your business, then yes, you do need to understand search engines, unless, of course, you decide to work with an SEO consultant, in which case you can kick back and relax while they do all the hard work for you!

Before we look at three of the most popular search engines, let’s take a closer look at how search engines work:

There are three main functions of a search engine:


 This involves searching the internet for content, and scouring the content and code for every single, URL.


 Whatever content is discovered during the crawling phase, is then stored and arranged in the index, before qualifying for being displayed as a relevant result according to queries. This is where high-quality content comes in, and if you work with an SEO company toronto, they’ll ensure that your content is always relevant.


 In this phase of the process, content that is most likely to answer a specific query is provided, and results are ranked from most relevant to least relevant. Again, for the best chance of getting your site’s content ranked as being most relevant, work closely with a qualified, experienced, SEO consultant.

Now that we’re familiar with how search engines work, we can look in a little more detail at the three most popular search engines serving millions of online queries every day. While Google is generally considered to be the most popular search engine of all, there are many other contenders for that most prized of positions. However, the general consensus is that the following three are the biggest players, and your chosen SEO company toronto will know exactly how to tailor your websites content to target them all:

And the prize for most popular search engine of all time goes to…


While statistics are constantly changing, the most recent suggest that Google has a gargantuan 92% share of the market, making it the most popular search engine on Earth, by a long way! Dominating all markets in almost all countries of the world, and on absolutely any device you can think of, Google and its sophisticated algorithms have been presenting users with the most accurate results for many years now. Work with any professional SEO company toronto, and Google will be at the forefront of their minds when they create quality SEO for you.

A little about Google’s history

Beginning life as a research project of Larry Page, and initially known as ‘backrub’, Google was first conceived as an idea back in 1995. When Larry later went on to meet fellow CS student Sergey Brin, with their combined brainpower, they came up with a system that crawled the internet and determined which pages were linking to others, and envisaged it supporting the creation of a new, more effective type of search engine.

After creating a PageRank algorithm, the two friends then went on to form the foundations of what would become the most powerful search engine in the entire world, and in August 1996, Google was launched.

Worried about making your website popular with Google? Simply seek help from an SEO consultant, and they’ll make sure that your site become Googles best friend!

What has made Google so popular?

Simply put, it’s the quality of the search results that has made Google the search engine of choice for so many, and any SEO company toronto that doesn’t work to maximize websites in favor of Google, probably isn’t worth knowing. With its use of sophisticated and intelligent algorithms, Google gives users with a query, the best possible answer, and with the help of many other factors over the years, including machine learning, Google remains the most reliable path to choose when seeking answers for an unfathomably wide range of queries.

And the prize for the second most popular search engine of all time goes to…

Microsoft Bing

Renamed from simply Bing, to Microsoft Bing in October 2020, this search engine is owned and operated by Microsoft. Considered to be the best alternative to Google, its search engine share is consistently low at somewhere between 2.83% and 12.31%, which is somewhat surprising given that it’s the default search engine on Windows PC’s.

While an SEO consultant will primarily focus their energies on priming your website for Google, they’ll conduct research into the nature of your business and your target audience, to determine which search engine might be most applicable to target when creating digital content for you.

A little about the history of Microsoft Bing

Microsoft's Bing is developed using ASP.NET. Some of its previous search engines include MSN Search, Windows Live and Live Search and now provides a variety of search services, ranging from web, video and map search products.

To know more about Microsoft Bing, or any of the other popular web search engines, talk to a reputable SEO company toronto, who will help you understand your target audience better, and advise you of which search engines will most likely be used by them.

And the prize for the third most popular search engine of all time goes to…


Previously powered by Bing (from October 2011 to October 2015), and currently, once again powered by Bing since 2019, Yahoo is now one of the most popular email providers, and with an average 1% market share, its web search engine holds third place in the popularity rankings. Nowadays, according to Alexa, its web portal is growing n popularity and it currently ranks as the eleventh most visited website on the internet. Since 2014, Yahoo is also the default search engine for anyone using Firefox as a browser in the US.

Working with an SEO consultant is the best way to get a better understanding of not only how Yahoo works as a search engine, but how they all work, and when you enlist their help for creating quality content for your website, they’ll tailor it to match the needs of your target audience based upon their research and subsequent findings.

A little about the history of Yahoo

Launched in 1994 by Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo began life as Yahoo! Directory, before the pair introduced a search engine function called Yahoo!, enabling users to search Yahoo! Directory.

With search engines at the forefront of every business owners mind when creating or upgrading their website, make the whole process simpler by working with a reputable SEO company Toronto, and watch as more users find you online, buy from you online, and recommend you online.

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