Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas to Watch in 2022

These WWE Diva's are some of the most stunning in the business. It's hard to find fault with these WWE Divas, who are both stunning and very talented. Each of the ten hottest WWE divas on this list will blow your mind.

What are the Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas?

How about a list of the sexiest divas in WWE? Professional wrestling is home to some of the world's most stunning and accomplished women athletes. Because of their fantastic curves, they have a massive following amongst people of all walks of life.

WWE Divas are some of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. They have performed in front of millions of fans around the world, and their impact on the industry has been undeniable.

Here are the 10 hottest WWE Divas as of today.

Some of the most stunning WWE Divas may be seen on this list. It's hard to find fault with these WWE Divas, who are both stunning and very talented. Each of the ten hottest WWE divas on this list will blow your mind.

10. Mandy Rose – Sexiest Female Wrestler

Mandy Rose – Sexiest Female Wrestler

One of the most desirable women in the WWE is Mandy Rose. The American fitness and figure competition, TV host, and professional wrestler.

In 2015, she debuted in WWE NXT. Additionally, she is the reigning NXT Women's Champion.

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9. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks was born on January 26, 1992, in Fairfield, California. She comes from a mix of African and Creole ancestry. Sasha debuted in the wrestling industry in 2012, when she was contracted to WWE's NXT developmental area. Banks made her main roster debut on the Raw brand in July 2014, after a two-year stint in NXT. Banks is one of the three original members of the WWE's “Women's Revolution,” along with Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

Sasha made history when she challenged Charlotte for the Raw Women's Championship at Hell in a Cell in October of 2016. In addition, she has won the WWE Raw Women's Championship twice and the WWE Women's Championship once. Banks was transferred to the SmackDown brand in November 2018 as part of the Superstar Shakeup. By 2021's end, she had become the third most-talked-about female athlete on Twitter.

8. Maryse


Canadian wrestler, actress, and beauty model Maryse Mizanin. At the moment, she is performing for WWE on the SmackDown brand. Mizanin originally came to prominence as one of the cast members of The Real World: Paris on MTV in 2006. She joined the cast of Total Divas, a show about the life of WWE divas, in 2007. Mizanin has been in many other reality series, such as “Love in the Wild” (NBC) and “Famously Single” (E!).

Maryse, a two-time WWE Divas champion, is generally considered to be one of the sexiest ladies in the history of the WWE. She has been honoured with the “Diva of the Year” award twice by Pro Wrestling Illustrated and was awarded ESPN's “Hottest Female Athlete” the same year (2010).

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7. Emma


The WWE Diva Tenille Dashwood is a huge fan favourite. Her ring name is Emma, and she competes with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm. Emma has held the titles of NXT Women's Champion and WWE Divas Champion twice.

Emma is still one of the most well-known female wrestlers in the world after being sacked from WWE in October 2019. She is one of the most interesting performers on the independent circuit and has done substantial work in Japan and other independent promotions.

Emma was first signed by FCW, the predecessor of WWE. She first appeared on NXT in 2012. In the first NXT Women's Championship Match, Emma faced Paige but ultimately lost. After a brief stint on WWE's main roster in 2014 with former superstar Santino, she returned to NXT in 2015, where she and Dana Brooke quickly rose in the rankings as a tag team. Later in 2016, Emma rejoined the main roster, this time as a member of Team B.A.D. with Summer Rae and Lana. At the WrestleMania 32 pre-show, they competed, but they lost.

6. Alexa Bliss – Most Beautiful WWE Diva

 Alexa Bliss – Most Beautiful WWE Diva

One of the most desirable women in the history of WWE is Alexa Bliss. She's got a fantastic body and she's a real threat in the boxing ring. Today, Alexa Bliss is the greatest and sexiest WWE wrestler. Watching her perform is always a treat.

30 year old Alexa Bliss has been with Raw brand since 2017. She just won her third Raw Women's Championship.

In 2015, she joined the NXT tag team champions, which helped her get more attention. After joining Blake & Murphy, she ditched her tutu and sparkles and became a powerful player in the organisation, abandoning her baby-face gimmick in the process.

She broke the record by being the first person to defend her SmackDown Women's Champion title. Moreover, she was crowned the 2017 Raw Women's Champion. She achieved history by being the first woman in WWE's history to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women's championships. In addition, she holds the distinction of being the first female to ever win an Elimination Chamber match. With her third Raw Women's Championship and her victory in the Money in the Bank ladder match and cash in 2018, she became a five-time overall champion.

5. Natalya – Strongest WWE Diva

Natalya – Strongest WWE Diva

With no question, Natalya is the most powerful WWE Diva. Her strength has helped her on several occasions, and she has always put up a solid fight in the arena.

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4. Charlotte Flair – Greatest WWE Diva

Charlotte Flair – Greatest WWE Diva

Charlotte Flair is undeniably stunning, earning her a place in the ranks of the most desirable WWE Divas. She has a captivating presence and performs well in the ring.

Charlotte has won the WWE Women's Championship a total of thirteen times. She has won 15 women's singles titles and the Royal Rumble twice. Her reputation as one of the best female athletes in the world is growing, and so does her fan base.

Charlotte Flair is an incredible role model for young girls and her spectacular career confirms that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. She is a true inspiration to anyone who watches WWE.

3. Eva Marie – Gorgeous WWE Diva

Gorgeous and very popular, Eva Marie is a WWE Diva like no other.

On September 19, 1984, in Walnut Creek, California, United States, Eva Marie was born. She has worked as a model, professional wrestler, fashion designer, and actor. She spent many years as a stripper before debuting in the WWE in 2010. Fast-rising Eva Marie climbed the ranks to become one of the company's biggest female stars.

Eva Marie has become a wrestling sensation because to her stunning good looks and her impressive technical abilities. Her ferocious character and uninhibited temperament have earned her widespread renown. It's not hard to count up Eva Marie's WWE titles: she has a lot. Eva Marie is a phenomenal performer on the mat and a huge fan favourite in the WWE. She'll be creating headlines for a long time to come in the sport of wrestling.

In 2013, Eva Marie joined the cast of Esmash !'s reality programme “Total Divas,” where she has remained ever since, becoming famous as a result of her slogan, “All Red Everything.” Despite a number of appearances on the main roster, Eva was never regarded seriously owing to her lack of ring and mic skills. In 2015, she was moved to NXT. She left Team BELLA, Paige, and Natayla and returned to the main roster in time for the WrestleMania 32 opening. Currently, Eva is a member of the SmackDown Live roster.

2. Naomi – Greatest WWE Diva

Naomi – Greatest WWE Diva

For many, Naomi is the ultimate WWE Diva. Her professional wrestling career has lasted for decades, and she has won several awards along the way.

Naomi began her professional life in 2004, and she has since risen to become one of the company's most prominent figures. In 2017, she triumphed as the new WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. Among the primary characters of Total Divas, Naomi has been a regular participant.

Naomi is a versatile performer who can perform any type of match. She is a physical wrestler who can hold her own against any opponent. Her wrestling skills have helped her win over fans worldwide.

1. Ronda Rousey – Strongets Woman Wrestler

Ronda Rousey – Strongets Woman Wrestler

If you're looking for a female wrestler, go no further than Ronda Rousey. In 2022, she will be a must-see WWE Diva. She has already shown her abilities as a performer and athlete. Rousey is a really accomplished young woman.

Known as Rowdy Roussy in the mixed martial arts community, Ronda Rousey. The UFC career she had helped her get widespread recognition. She is the reigning SmackDown Women's Champion, and she is presently contracted with WWE, where she competes on the SmackDown brand. Rousey's film credits include The Expendables 3 and Furious 7.

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Which WWE Diva is the Most Beautiful?

The query of “who is the most attractive WWE Diva?” is in the top ten most-asked queries on the web. Although many talented women are in the running, only one can be called the “most gorgeous WWE Diva.”

Despite the fact that Nia Jax is undeniably one of the hottest WWE Divas, many people may not recognise her. Her stunning appearance and body have made her a popular figure. There's no man alive who wouldn't want to take that incredible physique of hers home and into bed.

Becky Lynch poses a serious threat to Charlotte Flair's position as the prettiest WWE Diva. She radiates beauty, and it's difficult to look away from her seductive curves. Her stunning appearance has the ability to mesmerise anybody who gazes upon it. For her charming personality, she has quickly become one of the most popular performers.

The question is, which WWE Diva do you think is the most attractive? Tell us who you believe will win in our poll.

Who Is the Best WWE Diva?

Who are the best Divas in WWE, out of all those talented ladies there? Check out these five ladies who all have what it takes to become the next WWE Diva.

Sasha Banks

There has never been a time when Sasha Banks wasn't one of WWE's top stars. She has excellent athletic ability, and her bouts in the ring never fail to thrill the crowd. One of the company's most beloved Divas because to her natural charm and engaging on-screen attitude.

AJ Lee

WWE veteran AJ Lee has enjoyed a fruitful career. As a multi-time champion and new WWE Hall of Famer, she has a lot to brag about. Her singing voice is phenomenal, and she is one of the finest wrestlers in the industry.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is one of the most successful women in WWE history. She has won multiple championships, including the Women’s Championship three times. Her charisma, look, and in-ring skills make her one of the hottest Superstars in the company today.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is another impressive wrestler in WWE. She has won several championships, including the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice. Her matches are always entertaining and she has

The Bottom of the Top 10 List: Number 11 to Number 15

There has always been a sizable contingent of male wrestling fans that are drawn to WWE Divas. The Divas are renowned for putting on spectacular bouts, thanks in large part to their stunning appearances and physique.

This list features the five sexiest WWE Divas in history:


Carmella Hottest Women of WWE

In 2013, NXT signed Leah Van Dale “Carmella,” aka “the princess of Staten Island.” In 2014, she made her in-ring television debut with fellow NXT wrestlers Enzo and Big Cass. Because Enzo and Big Cass have been selected to the RAW brand, she is free to pursue a solo career after being drafted to Smackdown Live. Carmella has won the first-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match.


Hottest WWE Divas LANA

Lana is most known for the role of the WWE superstar, Rusev’s valet and fiancée who is also her real life, fiance. She first used the gimmick in 2013, during her time in NXT. Her first appearance on the main roster was on a Smackdown show in 2014, marking her official entry into the WWE. Lana made her first and only in ring debut being involved of the kick off programme for Wrestlemania 32 in a tag match where she joined with Team B.A.D in which wrestlers, Emma and Summer Rae were also apart of.


Paige Hottest Women of WWE

Before NXT came around, WWE's developmental area was known as “FCW,” where the “anti-diva” Paige was signed in 2011. She joined the NXT roster in 2012, upon its inception. Paige defeated Emma in NXT's first-ever women's championship contest, and so made history. Paige debuted on RAW as a main roster wrestler the day after Wrestlemania 30 in August 2014, and she promptly won the WWE divas title. She made headlines as the only diva in WWE history to win the championship on the same day she made her debut, and she also set a record for being the youngest hottest WWE diva champion. Paige has won the Divas Championship a record three times.

Renee Young

Renee Young Hottest Women of WWE

At the moment, Renee Young is most recognised for her work as a WWE backstage interviewer. With 2012, she signed with WWE, and the following year was her first in the company. She's provided commentary for NXT and Superstars. It had been nearly a decade since a woman had done commentary full-time until Young broke through. As of right now, she has her own programme on the WWE network called “Unfiltered,” in which she interviews professional wrestlers.

Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella Hottest Women of WWE

Due to her injuries, Nikki has been absent from the WWE stage since 2015. But she is still a member of the team and will be back shortly after learning the news. After this, she may officially take the stage. In 2007, Nikki joined with WWE's predecessor company, FCW. In 2008, she and her twin sister Brie made their debut appearance on the main roster as the tag team “The Bella Twins.” In 2012, she finally won the divas title, but her reign didn't last long.

While the divas title belt has been retired, Nikki's record as the longest-reigning champion will live on in perpetuity since the Women's championship belt is the current top prize in WWE. In addition to being on Total Divas, she and her twin sister Brie will soon star in their own reality programme on E! called “Total Bella's.”

Twice in her career, Nikki has won the WWE Divas Championship. This diva was chosen 2015's “Diva of the Year” by Rolling Stone. They share the 2016 Teen Choice Award for “Choice Female Athlete,” which she also won.

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