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If yes, then you have faced many obstacles in your path to reach that dream physique which you wanted for a long time. But your wait is over now because today, I’m going to give you a single solution for all your problems. Yes, you heard me right. I am talking about V-TAPER SOLUTION as from the name you can guess that this program focuses solely on achieving that dream v-taper body which you desired.

But to achieve that dream physique is not an easy task.

So, to lower your workload on how to get this type of physique? And, also is this v-taper solution is a Real deal or a SCAM?

I would be covering all the aspects of the program in this article so read the article till the end. I am sure that your queries would be answered once you read the whole article.

So, what exactly is this V-TAPER solution is?

From its name, we can easily guess that what’s the main motive of the program. This program gives you a great and quick solution to the v-taper in a short span of time. This program helps you to build your own custom v-mode shape. Men have always wanted their bodies to be broad from the shoulders but in this modern world, nobody has that much time to work on their physique. But this program provides you detailed information at a single platform. From other programs like this out there in the market this what makes it different from others. As it provides you the necessary information to build or design your very own body.

Who is Brad Pilon?

Brad Pilon is the creator of this program. If you are known to the field of nutrition and exercise. Then probably have heard this name because Brad Pilon is quite a big my name in this field. As he is the author of the famous book EAT STOP EAT which is considered as the bible of nutrition. When it comes to nutrition this man is the expert. As he also holds a master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition. He also has provided his best work to some of the leading magazines in the world in the field of nutrition. He also has many years’ experience in the supplement industry.

So, this man knows how to do his work professionally.

Let us talk about this program in detail

Three Stages of This Program:

  • Metabolic Priming
  • Metabolic optimization
  • Metabolic choices

Stage One: Metabolic Priming

In this stage or phase, you will prepare your body for the next second and third stages. This is the stage in which you decide what type of transformation you want. It is necessary to give room to your body for the upcoming transformation. From recent researches, it has been proven that there is a relation between belly fat, male hormones, and metabolism in our body. By re-calibrating male hormones and metabolic processes in our digestive system, we can get our desired v-taper. As it means all about having lean and broad shoulders and a tight waist which can be easily obtained by balancing male hormones in the body. Due to this metabolic process of the body also gets affected in a good way. This phase is all about burning the fat inside the body by increasing metabolic processes and building a good muscle mass. All you have to do is to give your necessary information to this program and prepare your diet which is required to build your desired physique. By providing you a detail on which foodstuff you must eat or not. This will lay the foundation for your dream v-taper physique.

Stage Second: Metabolic Optimization

After successfully completing the first stage which prepared your body system of building muscle side by side losing the stubborn fat in the body which has laid a very strong foundation. So, this phase is all about the workout plan which will you achieve your dream body.

Like the dietary plan in the first stage, this also helps to build the custom workout plan matching your diet. As it will optimize the muscle fibers. It provides detailed coaching lessons and exercises to the inexperienced, as many of you would also be going through this type of dilemma. The thing which makes this phase so unique is that the workout plan which will be prepared for you would be according to the dietary plan in the first stage. This program will create a plan which is suited best for your body type and body weight.

Stage Third: Metabolic Customization

In this last stage, you will get the taste of the fruit of your hard work. As you have transformed your body. Your new body will require different needs and different caring. In this, you will get greater chances to that perfection to your physique which will make your v-taper a finishing touch.

You will also be given ideas on how to maintain this new physique for the rest of your life. By that, you will create a whole new lifestyle for you which will allow you to stay healthy and sustain your muscle growth.

Pros and cons of the program


As the program is customizable which makes it easily accessible by everyone.

Since the program is designed to build muscle and increase metabolism by natural hormonal secretion. It protects its consumers from taking any type of harmful supplements which could leave a bad impact on our body.

It is all in one training manual which ensures the overall growth of the body as it not only focuses to increase muscle composition but also ensures your nutritional values in the body which makes it unique and one of its kind the industry.

Due to its well organized, the program is so simple to understand and does not provide you any unnecessary information. Throughout your whole journey, you will never that you are lagging in some area.

The program is in digital format which makes it accessible through any of your devices as per your ease, you do not need to carry the same device everywhere.

The customer support of the program is very active, and they are readily available to solve the problems and to guide the users about the program.

The program also comes with 60 days money-back guarantee.


As the program is available on a digital platform you would require internet access all the time to access the program.

This program does not provide you any quick results which you can change immediately. You have to give it a particular span of time to see the results which you have been expecting.

How and where to buy this program?

You can purchase this program on their official website V-taper at a very decent price of $37 which will not only provide you access to program but also gives lifetime access to the exercise video vault.

Whether the program is worth a try or not?

For these many advantages, this program is value for money. As it comes with $37 price which you would not regret spending. This program provides three-stage metabolic processes that will specifically target every part of your body which is a unique way of developing physique. The video vault provides you an extensive and detailed overview of the program. I would strongly recommend this program to those who want to fulfill the dream to achieve their dream V-Taper physique. The whole deal is worth a try guys.

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